Sensible eating can be encouraged through regular broadcasts and advertising.

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Instructions to candidates:

a) Time allowed: Three hours (plus an extra ten minutes’ reading time at the start – do not write anything during this time)

b)  any FIVE questions

c) All questions carry equal marks. Marks for each question are shown in [ ]

1. Sensible eating can be encouraged through regular broadcasts and advertising.

a) Examine guidelines that need to be considered when compiling a menu for institutional or industrial

catering in order to provide a nutritionally balanced diet.


b) Compare the duties of a dietician with those of a nutritionist.


2. For the body to obtain maximum benefit from food it is essential that menus are written with nutrition in mind.


Explain how the process of digestion differs from absorption.



Examine the main groups of fats, clearly indicating their functions and food sources.


c)    The body requires certain mineral elements in the diet. Select FOUR minerals, and identify their

uses in the body, and the foods from which they may be obtained.


3. The menu is primarily a selling aid.

a) Discuss FOUR aspects relating to the structure that need to be considered during the publication

of a menu.


b) Examine aspects that are essential to consider prior to planning a menu.


4. An efficient food store manager will ensure that an adequate supply of food is available for immediate use at all times. Examine the storage requirements of EACH of the following foods:

a) Bread rolls

b) Eggs

c) Frozen chicken

d) Fresh meat

e) Fresh vegetables


5. Sales promotion does not necessarily occur at the point of sale, although in many instances it does.

a) Discuss how the caterer is able to display services and products to their best advantage.


b) Evaluate the points that will need to be considered when deciding upon the location of a

merchandising display.


c) Outline the benefits to a caterer in creating a successful merchandising display.


6. The cook-chill system is used in volume catering establishments such as hospitals, schools and in social services. Examine factors in EACH of the following stages that will ensure customers are served food that is safe to eat using such a system:

a) Preparation and cooking

b) Portioning and packing

c) Labelling

d) Chilling

e) Regeneration


Continued overleaf

7. Information technology has advanced to the extent that numerous tasks in the hospitality industry can be automated to support staff in the efficient running of a food and beverage outlet.

a) Discuss aspects a manager in the hospitality industry will need to consider when selecting

computerised equipment for a retail outlet.


b) Explain how the following applications may facilitate the role of the manager in a hotel or restaurant:

i. Word-processing

ii. Spreadsheet




8. Every food business must identify and analyse the food hazards that could arise from its activities.

a) Identify THREE causes of food poisoning, and, in EACH case, discuss how such outbreaks may


be prevented.



Discuss action a caterer may take to stop vermin and insects from contaminating food.



Explain how food poisoning bacteria can spread throughout a food production unit.



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