The foremost aim of Your Dissertation is to assist you with all our resources securely and successfully in all the areas related to the dissertation. We provide 100% confidentiality to protect the personal information of our customers. Moreover, the following is the list of our privacy policy:

  • According to our rules of cookies, we utilize cookies to adapt the online experience of visitors and customers of our site. Moreover, the cookies help us to dichotomize web traffic and along with aiding us in identifying the visitors of our site. Therefore, with the usage of suitable cookies, we work proficiently in modifying our site according to the needs of the customers.

  • When a customer land on our site, our auto-created framework associated with our site automatically saves some part of their information that includes IP address, time & date of visiting, web browser, and some data of the working resource through which you approach our site.

  • As far as your privacy is concerned, Your Dissertation has got you covered in this matter. We do not allow anyone to use your information and with the help of latest tools, we manage to protect your personal data properly. The information which is saved includes email id, name, contact number, credit card number, and any other data that is necessary. However, your information is accessed by authorities for a specific purpose. Consequently, you should not panic about this matter since your data is in safe hands.

  • We also gather information about our visitors and customers on different occasions when they come to our site for any purpose like registration or booking an order. That information comprises of name, email id, address, credit card, country, etc. The basic purpose of doing so is that we get a chance of knowing our customers and we are able to inform them about notifications.

  • On the whole, Your Dissertation holds the authority to make changes in the rules of the privacy policy for the betterment of the customers at any time it needs modifications. Therefore, it is requested that the customers should review our privacy policy page by and by to stay updated.
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