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What is your problem? Your answer must include a discussion of the critical aspects of the mission variables (METT-TC) affecting the situation and the actual problem statement. You will find a map of the AO on the next page.

You are required to analyze a tactical situation and state the problem. Your answer must include a discussion of the critical aspects of the mission variables (METT-TC) affecting the situation AND an actual problem statement.
Primary references are ADRP 3-0 Unified Land Operations (May 2012), ADRP 5-0 The Operations Process (May 2012), ADRP 6-0 Mission Command (May 2012), and ATTP 5-0.1 Commander and Staff Officer Guide (September 2011).

Mission −What is your true purpose?
Enemy − What is your estimate of t Troops
Troops - What is your assessment of your capabilities?
Terrain- How does the terrain in your area enhance or hinder operations?
Time - What is the duration of your operation(s) and/or how does time affect the outcome?
Civil - What is the impact of your operation on civil factors and how do civil factors affect the military operation?

Other facts:

- The river can only be crossed at the ford site, the class 90 bridge, or the ferry site which has the capacity to move up to 100 tons with a one-way crossing time of 10 minutes (not including load / unload time).
- The international border with Northcountry is approximately 50 kms from St. Olaf.
- The water treatment plant is 300 meters north of the commercial bridge and is located adjacent to the citadel`s outer perimeter.
- Approximately 1 km northeast of the citadel there is a concrete military runway which is approximately 2,000 feet long.
- The Malmesbury National Railroad has stockpiled about 2,000 new and used railroad cross ties in a maintenance supply depot located about 2 kms north of the ford site.

Higher HQ Guidance:

Restore central government control of the provincial capital and citadel, (2) retain loyalty of all supporters of the central government, and (3) neutralize the threat posed by the militias.

You have freedom of maneuver from FOB Viking to the north and west - you must avoid damage to buildings with cultural importance, minimize disruption to civilians in urban areas, and portray the Malmesbury Central Government as capable of providing security to all citizens. A prolonged operation will make the central government appear weak - the operation needs to be completed inside of four days. There have been numerous reports of growing support for the militias, so you must be sensitive to turning civil support to the central government. There cannot be any interruption of water or rail service to the national capital. All Malmesbury resources, except military and security forces, will be placed at your disposal - given appropriate coordination.

THE SCENARIO is attached
Just in case: this is the scenario

You are a member of the planning group for the 2nd (HBCT, IBCT, or SBCT - you decide) 33rd Division. Your brigade is currently conducting stability operations out of FOB VIKING in the country of Malmesbury. For several years, the government of Malmesbury has been developing, with US assistance, as a new democracy. As a carryover from years of civil unrest, various large landowners maintain private militias that are "loaned" to the national government in times of crisis. Most militia officers and many militia members were educated in US military schools. The Malmesbury National Assembly confiscated the land holdings of several large farmers in efforts aimed at modernizing the farming industry. As a result, a large number of militias became independent operators. For several years, the independent militias were on retainer from the national government. Recent budget problems forced the National Assembly to terminate payments to the independent militias. As a result, in recent months militias have been attempting to force the central government to renew their payments - without success. Now, about six of the largest militias have formed a coalition under a Malmesbury battalion commander named Ethelred.
Three days ago, Ethelred`s battalion and the militias took control of New Olaf - a historic provincial capital with a military citadel. In addition to control of New Olaf, Ethelred and the militias also control a water processing plant that provides 80 percent of the daily water supply for the national capital, and a rail line over which 50 percent of the national capital`s food supply is moved. The Malmesbury president has requested that US military forces from FOB Viking regain control of the provincial capital and citadel without alienating central government loyalists.
Your unit has worked with LTC Ethelred and his battalion a number of times over the past several months, and your overall impression is that he is a very charismatic and competent leader. In addition, you have found his battalion to be very professional and well trained. Ethelred has approximately 600 men in his battalion which is equipped with 21 M-1 Abrams, 20 M-2 BFVs, and 8 M-198s. The operational readiness rate for his battalion was reported at 70 percent as of 2 weeks ago. The battalion is estimated to have stockpiled significant quantities of Class V. However, because of a lack of spare parts and qualified mechanics, his ability to support himself in sustained combat operations beyond 72 hours is questionable.

The combined strength of the militias is estimated to be approximately 6,000 men. In addition, the militias are equipped with small arms, crew-served weapon systems, and mortars.

Ethelred`s battalion is garrisoned in the Citadel which is roughly rectangular in shape and is approximately 800 meters by 400 meters. It is surrounded by a stone wall which is about 10 meters in height and has an observation tower in each corner manned with a crew-served weapon. In addition, there are fortified firing positions for the artillery.

The police chief and his two top lieutenants in New Olaf have reportedly been assassinated. A police officer loyal to Ethelred has stepped up to take charge of the 50-man police force during this current leadership transition. In addition, the provincial governor and New Olaf`s mayor were at the national capital when these actions started.
New Olaf has a population of approximately 35,000 civilians, 13,000 houses, and about 150 downtown business buildings. There are numerous historical and culturally sensitive buildings, churches, and schools in the town.

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