Graphic representation of stock market data

Graphic representation of stock market data

See attachments.

1. Assignment: Graphic Representation

• Choose a data source and create a graph or table that illustrates a story behind the data. You may choose a single data set (e.g. a stock price) or a number of data sets (e.g. population numbers over time in four major cities.)

• Use the following sites as suggestions for data sources:

o Stocks:
o Census data:
o Internet usage data:

o U. S. Energy stats:

• Create a professional graph and explain the following:

o The source of the data
o What story the data is telling the reader
o The reasons for which you used certain graphing or charting techniques (e.g. line graph instead of a bar or pie chart)
o Principles used to make the graphic more effective

• Create a second graph or table that tells a contradicting story. Refer to techniques such as those in the Misleading Statisticsdocument provided as an attachment. Use the same data set, but create a different graph, chart, or table.

• Summarize the following:

o Different or contradictory story being told.
o Techniques you used in order to alter the story.
o Ethical implications of altering the aesthetics of the graphic.

• Submit two graphs and two summaries in one Word document.

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