Red Cross: Effective Management of Non-profit To Maximize Stakeholder Value

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Red Cross: Effective Management of Non-profit To Maximize Stakeholder Value

American Red Cross and its Strategic partnerships.
Research Question: How does the effective management of a non-profit partnership maximize/increase stakeholder value?

Need background information on the following
1. What is strategic Management?
2. Why is strategic management important to an organization?
3. Why is strategic Management important to non-profit organizations specifically?
4. What as some strategic management issues facing non-profits organization (brief list some of the major issues)
5. What are some strategic management issues that the American Red Cross is facing (list like 3-4, include the effective management of its partners as one of them)
6. Why is the effective management of non-profit partnerships so critical to non-profits, and specifically to the American Red Cross?

7. Give examples of a 2-3 non-profits that effectively manage their partnerships?
8. Briefly explain how effective strategic management has added to the non-profit organizations you list in #7?
9. Give a brief overview of the American Red Cross`s major partnerships and their purpose over the last 10 years. (Include at least 3 partners).
11. Evaluate the success of the American Red Cross`s partnership( the ones you list in #9) in fulfilling the mission of the Red Cross (make sure that at least 2 of those partnerships are are unsuccessful partnerships) Explain why they were unsuccessful? (Point to the strategic management of them as the problem)
12. Explain how the ineffective strategic management of the American Red Cross`s partnerships has led to problems for the organization
13. How has its stakeholders been affected?

14. What are your recommendations for improving the American Red Cross `strategic management of its partnerships?
15. Explain how, what you recommend above could help improve the American Red Cross`s current partnership? (Apply your recommendations)
16. Lastly, predict the successful outcomes that could result from your recommendations for stakeholder.

17. Write a brief summary that restates the research question, summarizes your analysis and recommendations.
18. Write a conclusion that provides an overall explanation of the benefits of the effective strategic management of Non-profit partnerships and then non-profits overall operations.

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