Physics Problems: Velocity, Impact, Speed

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Physics Problems: Velocity, Impact, Speed

a) Mr. Stick lives on the planet Teflon where the force due to gravity is different than that of Earth. Mr. Stick drops a small water balloon off the top of a building (V0 = 0 m/s). He releases the balloon at a height H = 10 m above the surface of Teflon. The balloon hits the ground 1.8 seconds after it is dropped and has a velocity V1 on impact. (Neglect Teflonian air resistance.)
What is the acceleration due to gravity on the planet Teflon?

b) Peyton Manning, a football quarterback, is traded from the Denver Broncos to the Telfonian Space Nerds. If he can throw a football at a speed of 29 m/s at a horizontal angle of 30 degrees, how much further and higher does he throw the ball after he moves from Earth to Telfon?

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