notes for candidates regarding the pre-issued case study

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Important notes for candidates regarding the pre-issued case study


The case study is designed to assess knowledge and understanding of the Management of Change syllabus in the context of the relevant case study. The examiners will be marking candidates’ scripts only on the basis of the questions that have been set. Candidates are advised to pay particular attention to the mark allocation on the examination paper and to plan their time accordingly.


Candidates should acquaint themselves thoroughly with the case study and be prepared to follow closely the instructions given to them on the examination day. Candidates are advised not to waste valuable time collecting unnecessary data. The cases are based upon real-life situations and all the information about the chosen organization is contained within the case study.


As this case represents real-life situations, anomalies may be found in the information you have before you. Therefore, please state any assumptions you make that are reasonable when answering the questions. Remember you are going to be tested on your overall understanding of the case issues and your ability to answer the questions that are set in the examination.


In order to prepare for the examination, candidates will need to carry out a detailed analysis of the case material ahead of the examination. Candidates have sufficient time during the examination to answer all the questions, but this means that detailed analysis has taken place before commencing the examination. The examiners are looking for clear evidence that candidates have a good understanding of the case and can use the relevant course ideas from the syllabus to answer the questions.


The copying of pre-prepared ‘group’ answers, including those written by other third parties, is strictly forbidden and will be penalized. Thus, questions will demand analysis in the examination itself and individually composed answers are required in order to pass.


Candidates are only allowed to take up to two pages (four sides) of A4 notes into the examination room. These notes should be attached to the answer script at the end of the examination and returned.


A copy of the pre-issued case study material will be available in the examination. Candidates are NOT permitted to take into the examination the downloaded case study or any other notes. Candidates should not attach any other additional information in any format to their answer script. Any attempt to introduce such additional material will result in the candidate’s paper being declared null and void.


The examination will be for THREE HOURS and will consist of TWO parts.


Part A comprises FOUR compulsory short answer general questions and is worth 40% of the final mark. These questions are not specifically related to the case study. It is recommended that you spend approximately ONE HOUR on Part A.


Part B comprises THREE compulsory questions related to the pre-issued case study that you will have analyzed before entering the examination room. This part is worth 60% of the final mark. It is recommended that you spend approximately TWO HOURS on Part B, which includes planning and checking your answers.


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