Name TWO of America’s major golf tournaments

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Instructions to candidates:


a) Time allowed: Three hours (plus an extra ten minutes’ reading time at the start – do not write anything during this time)

b) Answer Question 1, which is compulsory, and then any FOUR of the remaining questions

c) All questions carry equal marks. Marks for each question are shown in [ ]


1. Answer all questions.


a) Name TWO of America’s major golf tournaments.

b) Name SIX teams that competed in the 2015 rugby World Cup.

c) i. What is the maximum snooker break?

   ii. What is a grand slam in bridge?

d) Which TWO boxing weights are the lightest?

e) Which sport involves:


i. The Davis Cup?

ii. The Jules Rimet trophy?


f) What are the following grounds famous for?


i. The Wanderers Stadium

ii. Ascot

iii. MCG

iv. Belmont Park

v. Lord’s

vi. Madison Square Garden [20]


2. At the end of a football match reporters often ask managers what injuries players have sustained. Explain in simple terms the following:


a) An adductor injury

b) Cruciate ligament problem

c) Metatarsal break

d) Cartilage

e) Dead leg

f) Ligament damage

g) Shin splints

h) Turf toe

i) Concussion

j) Hamstring pull [2 each]


3. David Beckham took a squad of international footballers to play seven football matches on seven continents to raise awareness for UNICEF. He came up with the idea to celebrate ten years as a

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Name FIVE of the seven continents or countries in which they played. [4 each]

4. The Decathlon is a leading draw at athletics meetings. Which disciplines comprise this event? [2 each]

                                                                                                                                          Continued overleaf

5. The following report has been received from a correspondent covering a football match. Your instructions are to write three paragraphs – 100 words– as a reference from Page 1 to the match report on the sports pages.

Rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid fought out a vicious frenetic 2-2 draw in a savage cup-tie which was marred not only by disputed goals but fighting on the pitch, in the stands, and, I am told, in the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms.

Real took a shock lead in the 10th minute after being awarded a penalty which Barcelona strongly disputed. I agree with Barca, the referee must have been bribed to award that penalty to Real.

Players started pushing and shoving the referee so that he eventually stopped the game for 10 minutes.

The referee quickly booked two of the Barcelona team on the restart. It was then the turn of Real to be awarded a penalty and this time, Barcelona players protested and the referee, Luigi Morales, booked two of them flourishing yellow cards. As he waved the yellow card at the players the Barcelona captain snatched it from his hand, tore it up and scattered the pieces to the four winds.

This led to a free-for-all fight on the pitch which spread to the stands where rival fans traded blows.

Two more goals were scored after order was restored – Barcelona from a free kick and Real’s from a corner. Riot police with shields and truncheons surrounded the ground as fans left. A small fire in the stand was quickly put out. The Spanish football authorities will hold an inquiry into the match. They are likely to order that the replay should be played behind closed doors on a neutral ground, equivalent to a fine of two million Euros on the teams.

Eight spectators were taken to hospital, many of the injured treated by ambulance staff at the ground and 30 fans arrested. [20]

6. Name FIVE of the leading drivers who took part in Formula 1 racing in 2015 and FIVE of the leading manufacturers. [2 each]

7. Give the maximum dimensions for the following:


a) Soccer pitch

b) Hockey pitch

c) Tennis court

d) Snooker table

e) Basketball court

f) Soccer penalty area

g) Height of a cricket stump

h) Distance from penalty spot to the goal

i) Length of a cricket pitch

j) Weight of a discus in men’s competition [2 each]


8. Test the quality of your writing. Eradicate the tautology and clichés from the following sports reports:


a) Maiden first century scored by Bairstow

b) The race resulted in a dead heat on the finishing line

c) After the first half end-to-end play ensued in an even second half

d) Federer took the first set 7-6 on a tiebreak

e) The favourite, Brown Jack, started at 7-2 on

f) Smith brought down the winger to give away a penalty with the foul

g) Strauss was out first ball in each innings to record a king pair

h) Nadal served four consecutive aces to take the game

i) South Africa were knocked back when de Villiers knocked on and Wales scored a penalty three points

j) Strauss hit 12 boundaries in his century, two sixes and 10 fours [2 each]

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