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Explain why date of birth is held on data files in preference to age.

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Instructions to candidates:

a) Time allowed: Three hours (plus an extra ten minutes’ reading time at the start – do not write anything during this time)

b) Answer ALL of SECTION A and any FOUR questions chosen from SECTION B

c) SECTION A and each question in SECTION B carry 20 marks. Marks for sections of questions are shown in [ ]

d) The main application in each question of Section B is highlighted for quick recognition

e) The number of marks allocated for each section should determine the length of your answer and the amount of time you spend on it. Generally ONE point gains ONE mark and is rarely achieved by one-word answers. Note carefully that where some questions require details of how hardware or software achieves its task, descriptions of user actions are unlikely to earn marks

f) Ensure that you pay particular attention to words underlined, in CAPITALS or in bold. FEW OR NO MARKS will be awarded to any question where these are ignored

g) No computer equipment, books or notes may be used in this examination

SECTION A – Answer ALL parts of this question



Explain why date of birth is held on data files in preference to age.




Draw a diagram to show how printed documents pass between a retailer and their wholesale










Distinguish between the following methods of processing:










Describe realistic back-up systems that a large business would use for its computer data.




Distinguish clearly between data and information.


SECTION B – Answer any FOUR questions from the following

2. A large company owns many SUPERMARKETS located in all the main towns of a small country. It has two supply depots for groceries, one in the north and one in the south. This means that any shop is within 150 kilometres of a depot. 100 staff are employed in each depot.

a) Explain how computers could be used to assist the general running of this business, with particular reference to supply, bearing in mind that food has a short shelf life. Your answer should identify

Particular software and hardware. Explain how both are used and state by whom.


b) Identify statistical information that might be obtained using the computer system that would be

Helpful to management.


c) Explain how this company might use a spreadsheet program in a ‘what-if’ context.


3. A LIBRARY is provided by town authorities but is ONLY available to people who live in the town. The people must register and pay a small annual charge to borrow books and other items. A single library card, containing a bar code, is issued to each user once he or she has registered and paid the enrolment fee. All administrative processes are controlled by a computer system. Books can be borrowed for up to three weeks.

a) Detail the data that a potential borrower must give to register to use the library. Explain how the

System can ensure that users of the library are eligible to join the library.


b) Describe ALL the steps that the library staff members will take when a borrower approaches the

Counter with a library card and four books to borrow.


c) Identify the computer files that will be held in the library. For EACH FILE, use the TABLE format below to list FOUR fields and explain how EACH will be used by the system. Ensure ALL fields

Are different.





Field Name

How the system uses the data






continued overleaf

Description: http://www.htmlpublish.com/newTestDocStorage/DocStorage/581c7c6704124664994f20136367c308/Applications_images/Applications2x1.jpg

4. A CLUB has 200 members. It meets every week in a hall which it hires – the cost of hiring is met from membership fees. It occasionally arranges visits to out-of-town places and hires coaches to transport the members who reserve a place in advance and buy a ticket for these events. Members are expected to attend at least half of the 50 meetings throughout the year and may be asked to leave if they do not.

a) Annual fees are determined by estimating the cost of hiring the hall plus administration costs and then dividing this by the current number of members. The figure is increased by 20% and rounded up to the nearest dollar. Assuming a database of members is held, explain how this calculation

May be obtained.


b) All members are sent a personalised letter one month before the end of the year detailing the fees for the coming year. Members have an option NOT to rejoin or pay by the start date of the new year. The letter has a tear-off slip for this purpose.


Design this tear-off slip.



Explain how the letters can be produced automatically.


c) Every half year, the committee asks the IT officer to supply them with a report tabling the names

and attendance details of members who have below 60% attendance. Explain how this is




d) Name at least EIGHT fields that would be necessary in any record on the member file to achieve

ALL of the above.


5. A customer visits his local branch of a large national BANK.

a) He decides to withdraw money at the ATM outside the bank.

I. Describe the card that enables him to withdraw the money, particularly with relation to data that will be needed.

ii. Explain the steps in their correct order that the customer then takes to complete the process.

ii. iExplain the steps that occur INSIDE the system, with particular reference to the signals that

Pass between the ATM and the bank’s computer.


b) Discuss THREE reasons why the ATM may NOT supply the money.


c) Explain how the system minimises fraud.


d) State THREE other reasons why the customer might use an ATM.


6. A UTILITY company supplies electricity to half the homes and businesses in a country. The number of customers exceeds one million. Discuss how the company would use computers for handling account billing and customer enquiries. Your answer should include a discussion of:

the hardware needed

the main processing applications

data capture – consider all aspects and the methods of capturing the data – identify what is included in each set of data

the printed outputs – explain how they are used


7. a) A large retail company buys its products in bulk and sells to customers individually. It has a

Warehouse in which 20,000 items could be stored at any time. Explain why STOCK CONTROL is


a necessary requirement of THIS company.


b) Data for the system normally comes from paper documents. The system itself also produces

printed output documents. Identify all the documents referred to here. Discuss their purposes and


their sources and users. You should consider at least FIVE documents.


c) Draw up a table with the following headings:














Data Type

Why present and how it will be used





Fill in the table for SIX different items which would be found in the PRODUCT file.


8. a) In business, a computer user may use two types of application software – general purpose and special purpose.

iDistinguish between the two.

iiAn employee uses a special-purpose package. Explain how his subsequent actions will be

Different from using a general-purpose package.

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