Explain Guest’s model of HRM as applied to organisation of your choice.

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Purpose of this assignment
The aim of this assignment is to assess understanding of the theory and practice of human resource management focussing on current human resources practice and the impact of topical issues and legislation. The assignment sets the scene by looking at the different theoretical perspective of human resource management and exploring the differences in these approaches. The assignment will assess changes in the labour market and the increasing demand from employees for a more manageable work-life balance and the development of much more flexible.


In this task, you are required to show an understanding of the different perspectives of human resource management.

  1. Explain Guest’s model of HRM as applied to organisation of your choice.
  2. Choosing two organisations of your choice, compare the difference between Storey’s definitions of HRM, personnel and IR practices.
  3. Assess the implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to HRM for any organisation of your choice.


For this task, you will be required to demonstrate understanding of the ways of developing flexibility within the workplace
2.1 Explain how a model of flexibility might be applied in your organisation.
2.2 Discuss the types of flexibility which may be developed by your organisation.
2.3 Assess the use of flexible working practices from both the employee and the exployer perspective.
2.4 Discuss the impact that changes in the labour market have had on flexible working practices.


Considering the trend and implications, employers are becoming more concerned and are looking at ways of dealing with this issue.
3.1 Explain the forms of discrimination that can take place in the workplace using examples of recent discrimination cases which has made the news.
3.2 Discuss the practical implication of equal opportunities legislation for an organisation.
3.3 Compare the approaches to managing equal opportunities and managing diversity. You should give examples from a selected organisation and discuss the similarities and differences in their approaches to managing equal opportunities and diversity.


4.1 Select an organisation you work or have worked for, identify and compare the performance management methods used.
4.2 Assess the approaches used to managing employee welfare in your organisation
4.3 Discuss the implications of health and safety legislation on human resources practices
4.4 Evaluate the impact of another topical issue on human resources practices.

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