Jul 24, 2017

Yearly driving tests should be mandatory over a certain age

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Yearly driving tests should be mandatory over a certain age.


Due: Sunday, April 27th (submitted electronically via email attachment)

Draft Due: Thursday, April 24th, in class for peer review—bring a (full, completed) copy of your paper to class.

*Please note: You must participate in the peer review process to receive full credit for the paper. Failure to participate in the peer review process results in an automatic 20% score reduction. Length: Approximately 4-5 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, normal margins, etc. Points: 100


Read all instructions carefully.

Your job is to take the knowledge you`ve gained so far and put it to use in a short, persuasive essay. You will choose a topic and present an argument for your position on that topic. Your job is to convince me that you`re right.

The choice of topic is up to you. You may choose to write on anything that interests you. You must, however, make sure that (a) you choose a topic that is open to debate, and (b) that you take a position on the issue (merely expressing your opinion, simply telling me what you do or don`t believe, is not sufficient). You are also required to use at least one source (newspaper or magazine article, online essay, book, etc.) that speaks to the issue you`re dealing with—and you must analyze an argument from one of your sources, whether it agrees or disagrees with your position.

I will repeat: You must analyze the argument of at least one source (not simply use them for informational purposes).

You are writing a persuasive essay. You should write in the first person and make your argument as clear and concise as possible. Please follow the structure below.


Your paper must have:

1.    An introductory paragraph that briefly explains what the paper will be about and ends with:

2.    A thesis statement telling me exactly what you will be arguing for (i.e., your conclusion).

3.    Body paragraphs, wherein you

a.    carefully explain each premise in your argument, with

b.    a separate paragraph for each premise,

c.    every paragraph starting with a topic sentence that tells me what the paragraph is going to be about;

d.    and you should have at least one paragraph where you consider an objection to your position.

4.    A concluding paragraph that restates your conclusion, and summarizes your reasoning.

Please Note: You are required to pay attention to the advice given in the "Simple Writing Tips" document in the Course Documents section of Blackboard. You will lose points for poor writing (especially if it`s easily avoidable—like spelling mistakes!).

Yearly driving tests should be mandatory over a certain ageStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Yearly driving tests should be mandatory over a certain ageIntroduction At an advanced age, people who are much older, 65 and above, are more of a risk on the road. It is essential that older drivers take yearly driving tests for safety reasons. As they continue to age, drivers who are older usually become more conservative when driving. A lot of mature drivers change their habits of driving, such as to keep away from busy freeways or to avoid driving at night in order to match their declining capabilities. Nonetheless, statistics indicate that drivers who are older have a higher likelihood compared to younger drivers to cause accidents especially those involving multiple vehicles and more likely too at crossroads (Moore, 2013). Vision is a major problem, as aged drivers get older. Thesis statement: yearly driving tests should be mandatory over a certain age. Personally, I find the behavior of aged road users questionable. I am concerned about the behavior of elderly drivers. I believe that older drivers have to prove their fitness to drive by simply taking yearly sight and coordination checks. I usually feel unsafe when being driven by a 65years or older driver. I see the increasing number of older drivers on the road as a problem. There might be some heart issues or eyesight problems with older motorists. It is not is everyone’s case, but many eld...

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