At, we considered and executed strict security policy guidelines to keep our customer well aware about the use of their own and scholastic information. Our privacy policy is connected with the majority of our services, for example, drafting, proofreading, editing, searching, editing and other academic assistance. We are highlighting all the way through our privacy policy that it is about the security and utilisation of site and it content, which permit our guests and client to securely and safely utilise our services. In this manner, by up-to-date maintenance, we make a decent attempt to keep up the unwavering quality and legitimacy of our site and its written element. Following is our key themes of privacy policy:

Cookies….. Significance!!!!

Cookies allude to the little records that are transferred to the system of the client through a web browser when an individual visit our site. As per our policy of cookies, we make the utilisation of cookies to customise the online experience of visitors and clients of our site. The cookies help us to dissect web traffic and help us in identifying visitors of our website easily. With the support of proper cookies, we are quite capable of enhancing our site according to our client requirements. On the other hand, it is to inform you that at the solitary point you visit our site a few cookies records are exchanged to your system that is utilised by us for measurable investigation reason that will be expelled naturally from our system after a particular time period.

Rules and Regulations of Web Browsing

As indicated by our privacy policy, when a client or guest visits our site, our auto-created framework coordinated with our site automatically identifies and save some of their information.For example, IP address, time & date of visiting, web browser used and some data about the working framework with the assistance of which you get to our site. Accordingly, these record keepings help us to stay progressive about the visitors coming on our website frequently and help us in enhancing our visitor management skills.

Gathering Data from Visitors

We have a policy of gathering information at different occasions such as when somebody visits our website, is getting registered or is placing their order.  This information consists of the name of a customer, his credit card, e-mail id, country, phone numbers etc. it is essential for us to gather this information because it provides us with the opportunity to know about our customers and we are able to inform them about any sort of offers made by us. Therefore, we have made it a part of our policy and provides the guarantee that the information is used only with the intention to process the order quickly. It even assists us in making our website more effective as we come to know about the flaws on our site.

Personal Information!!! Uses….

The major question that revolves in the mind of customers is “how their personal information is going to be used by the editing company”?? With the help of our privacy policy, we assure you that all your personal information will be kept in a secure place so that no one can access it. This personal information that is provided by you at the time of making an order includes your email id, name, contact number, credit card number and any other information that is necessary. We need this information to keep a record of our valuable clients and we know that it is our responsibility that no one makes illegal use of it. So, do not worry about your personal information as we have provided guarantee through our privacy policy regarding its confidentiality and security.

Customisation of Privacy Policy

At, we enjoy the right to change or alter our custom privacy policy at whatever time or at whatever point it needs changes in order to improve it and make it helpful for our precious clients. In this manner, our clients are requested to keep going through our privacy policy page time to time to stay up–to–date about the progressions in the privacy policy.