Jul 23, 2017

Would you prefer to be in a long-term care facility or at home in your later years? Why?

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Long term and Mental illness Care


Long Term Care Services 1. Would you prefer to be in a long-term care facility or at home in your later years? Why? Explain how staying in the home would work in regard to the continuum of care. 2. Do you think that the financing of long-term care is appropriate? Why or why not? If not, what would you do to change our Nation’s long term care outlook? Mental Health Services 3. Mental health benefits tend to be very restricted and limited in insurance contracts. Why the restrictions and limitations on benefits? Have you ever known someone with a mental health condition or disability? Do you think that person received appropriate care? Why or why not? 4. What is SAMHSA? How is it set up to help those in need of mental health services and their providers of care?

Long Term Care and Mental Health ServicesNameInstitutionLong Term Care and Mental Health ServicesLong term care is the assistance provided to persons with long-term disabilities over an extended period of time, usually from the time they become physically or mentally unable to take care of themselves until death. It involves assistance with day-to-day life activities such as toileting, bathing, and dressing.In my later years, I would like to be in home-based long term care rather than in a care facility. My major reason, which I suspect is true to many people, is that the idea of spending one’s last days in an unfamiliar environment, away from home and family, is not appealing. I company of family members is very reassuring for someone who knows that he or she has a short time to lose. The prospect of death, therefore, creates a desire in people to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones. In addition, Home-based care provides patients with more freedom and a sense of belonging, compared to the loneliness that individuals may experience in a care facility. I also think that for those who spend their time in long term care facilities there are personal or family circumstances that force them to do so- such as work commitments for the family members who could take care of them. Given a choice, they would be happier spending their time at home with their loved ones. Staying in home would be convenient for long term care because it provides family members with a cheaper opportunity to continue leading a normal life. Family members can take turns in giving assistance, or employing a sta...

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