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Would you be able to summarize one of the articles or the books that you are using for the essay outline for me on a separate sheet of document?

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Old Assyrian Trade Essay Outline


MSG This paper needs to be done before MARCH 26TH. So i can see if it needs revisions or not. SAME WRITER WHO WROTE THE OTHER PAPER NEEDS TO WRITE THIS. THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS essay outline is uploaded, please download it. I want you to develop and essay outline on the topic of Old Assyrian Trade, follow the same sources and same thesis statement of last order 0 00 2677 which you did for annotated bibliography. Later on I will upload another instruction from me to the writer of what needs to be done more clearly in this final assignment, which is a follow up with the previous paper ( Old Assyrian trade) It will have the T.A’s comments on what she wants you to focus more on. I will upload that on a different PDF. ( In a day or so) I will also upload a paper which I did last term, I got 95% as final mark on it. Maybe that will help you figure out how the paper needs to be the format and what needs to be in it. I did a paper on Egyptian women as for the essay outline last term. So check that out also. Don’t forget for the format stick with Chicago Style- Footnote. Also While you’re footnoting, Don’t just write the source name. but also u need to write the full inscription of it in the bottom of the page, Plus the page numbers and so and so… Also this assignment is not Annotated bibliography anymore. You need to actually develop the final essay. ** Please i really want you to be able to make this paper worth reading** don`t just blaah on the paper so that you finish the work, please this needs some logics and precision , you need to be very scholarly engaged, DONT JUST SAY A is A. Really you need to relate it to your thesis statement. A,B,C. Follow the PDF INSTRUCTIONS and you will be good. Hi writer, Not a problem, i would like to appreciate you for making the best for me, If you see the last page of the comments on the pdf i uploaded, she refers to an article that she uploaded. I will upload that for you as well. maybe you will use that for the final outline. ( tricky hints right?) Also another thing, she has required a summary of a book or article. ( THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ESSAY OUTLINE) IT SOMETHING OUTSIDE. Whatever is possible. Would you be able to summarize one of the articles or the books that you are using for the essay outline for me on a separate sheet of document? I need to take that to the class in one day or so. ( just for participation mark) Only 1 paragraph summary. Nothing big... Thanks


Essay Outline Instruction - Based on Professor.

This assignment is to allow you to pick an essay topic, construct a thesis, find suitable references and organize your thoughts for an essay without actually having to write the entire essay. The essay outline should be 3-5 pages in length (including bibliography), double-spaced. It will consist of three main sections: an introductory paragraph, an essay outline and a bibliography.

Your introductory paragraph should indicate your chosen topic and which elements of it you intend to address. After choosing a topic and doing some reading on it, write at least one paragraph stating in your own words the question or issue that you would discuss if you were to complete this essay. Make sure you include your thesis statement in this paragraph.

Your essay outline will be a point form layout of how you would structure your ideas in your essay. It should list the main points you will cover in the body of your essay, indicating for each how it relates to the overall question or issue you have defined and which sources you will use to support your argument.

Your bibliography should include at least 5 sources that you have looked at for your essay. Ideally these should include some of the books from the General Bibliography (and whatever others your found) and at least one article from a peer-reviewed journal (not the New York Times or popular magazines). Websites are strongly discouraged, but if you wish to use one it must be pre-approved by either the course instructor or your seminar TA (your Week 5 seminar would be a good time to do this).

Note: Though you will not be writing the actual essay, the research involved with this assignment still involves planning and starting work on your essay early. This will avoid conflicts with using library materials, provide plenty of time for re-working your ideas and prevent stress. Avoid procrastination!

This instruction sheet is for the writer from ME

For Essay Outline you basically need to choose the same topic as you chose to wrote for the annotated bibliography assignment, but this time, no more annotated bibliography.

Now you have to start talking about the talk about the raise of Assyrian military was based on the trade, they traded metals, especially bronze so they can create weapons So Give evidences, like (What lead the expansion of Old Assyrian Kingdom?) like the Kings of old Assyria some sort of had great trade that lead the kingdom to expand right? What was those stuff? Talk about it now more and engage the material more in. Talk about the kings now, Which kings were there at that period? Why did they die? What lead their death, give some statistics of the economy, which king had more central power, which lead the expansion and rich/wealthy kingdom. Really go deep and specific in it.


Make sure you develop good thesis, topic sentence and conclusion.

Please again don`t forget to indent, and also be really; concise and direct to the point. Because this topic is very broad, so make it very clear and understanding for the T.A.

Format needs to be - 3 main elements Introduction Paragraph:

( you need to talk about thesis statement, as clear as possible, precise words and concise words and also talk about the main arguments)

For example, You are arguing that the raise of power came from the trade " they had 3000 merchants, who took part in trade". Then you need to go very deep in the essay outline.

Essay Outline:

In here you lay out the arguments - point form if you want.

One level or two levels, depending how many arguments you got, for example you got specific sections you do two big sections and detail arguments in each section. In each section you need to describe how it relates to the thesis , Concise as you can, don`t write the full thing... why A,B,C and then go to conclusion


5 sources minimusm and one of them should be JOURNAL/ARTICLE.

I have already gaven you couple that you used for the annotated bibliography. So use those, but you need to really relate it to the thesis. If you think the source doesn`t provide enough evidence, find a better article or journal , you are allowed to do that.

T.A`s general advice for the Thesis:

When you wite thesis, understand each terms of the thesis, and these words should be clear as possible for the reader. Because it`s skeleton of your paper, it`s the basis of everything.

If you are no able to, then change the topic and narrow the topic. Make it easy. Avoid using words such " Things, Stuff, etc" as you refer to evidences. So be very direct.

If you are referring to some king then name the king, his year of chronology and what made him raise the empire or expand the empire old Assyria etc.

Be careful with the chronology- you must say which time period you are talking about exactly. OLD ASSYRIAAN PERIOD IS FROM 1900-1750 BC SHAMSHI-ADAD 1 is the king who raggned from 1813-1781 Do some more research which kings were present at that time, that you are referring to.

Similar to geographic area: be precise about the region that you are referring to, make it close as possible you can.

If you are linking letters from two far periods, there needs to be clear correlation between the analogies and arguments that are supported

For sources: be sure that the author of the book is using great textual/archeological data to support his arguments. For example if he is talking about the Old Assyrian trade, then show the sites, which refers to to his argument, he definatly has archeological data to support his argument right??

Old Assyrian Trade – Essay OutlineStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Old Assyrian Trade  Essay OutlineIntroductionThe chosen topic is Old Assyrian Trade. This research largely focuses on the goods that were traded, the features of the trade and how the trade was organized. In addition, this paper highlights how the trade allowed Assyrians to flourish socioeconomically and enlarge their army that led to the expansion of the kingdom of Assyria. It is noteworthy that the rise of the Assyrian military was based on the trade. This is because they traded metals and made bronze that they utilized in creating weapons. Thesis statement: the Old Assyrian Trade was characterized by the exchange of gold, copper and silver for tin and textiles. The trade had a substantial social and economic effect on the Assyrian society in the sense that the kingdom flourished economically and socially, and used some of the traded metals to fabricate weapons that they employed to expand their kingdom. The general use of bronze was to fabricate tools and weapons. Essay outlineOld Assyria, the area that appears in history roughly 1,900 BC to 1,750 BC was truly more involved with mammon than militarism. Situated on the Tigris at the center of Assyria, Ashur – also known as Assur – was the focal point of a network that traded textiles from Babylonia, tin from the East and gold and silver from Anatolia, the present day Turkey. It is of note that at its height, the Assyrian empire expanded from Armenia in the north to Anatolia in the west, to Egypt in the south and Media in the east. Amongst the major warrior-kings of Assyria include the infamous names of:Sargon II, Shalmaneser III, Ashurnasirpal, Tiglath-Pileser III, Esarhaddon, and Ashurbanipal well known for his military and political achievements and his huge library at Nineveh. Although the trade between the Assyrians and Anatolians existed prior to the Middle Bronze Age, it became more organized toward nineteenth century B.C and developed its own infrastructure. The trade led to the emergence of large cities such as Assur/Ashur with a complex social hierarchy and monumental structures. Shortly after 2000 B.C, merchants from the city of Assur along River Tigris set up trade contacts with Central Anatolia. Assyrian private businessmen, along with their representatives settled down in trade colonies that they formed at several Anatolian cities; with the most notable being at Kultepe. Over twenty Assyrian trading stations are known in Central Anatolia. The more significant ones were termed as karum, meaning trading place or harbor, whilst the smaller ones were termed as wabartum, meaning caravan station. Trade was conducted with the use of donkey caravans, and some excavated archeological documents found in Kultepe specify hundreds of donkeys implying a large quantity of transported products. Assyrians primarily purchased textiles and t...

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