Jul 28, 2017

why the reform was needed and analyzing how successful it has been and what challenges persist?

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Evaulate a specific aspect of UN reform (ie training,deployment,early detection) related to peacekeeping,describing


Evaulate a specific aspect of UN reform(ie training,deployment,early detection) related to peacekeeping,describing why the reform was needed and analyzing how successful it has been and what challenges persist.

UNITED NATIONS TRAINING REFORM IN PEACEKEEPING MISSIONStudent:Professor:Course title:Date: Introduction Over a decade, the UN peace keeping has developed to a great extent to become one of the main instruments which the international committee is deploying to manage the complicated issues and crises that jeopardize world security and peace. The number of civilians, police, and military that work in UN’s peacekeeping missions has immensely grown. The UN peacekeeping mission has not only grown in size but it has also come to be a complex one (Langholtz, 2008, 3). This makes it essential for enhanced training programs towards the relevant personnel on handling the various peace missions and programs. The United Nation’s training programs for peace operations is mandated to provide an affordable and accessible training on its personnel concerning humanitarian relief, peace support and other security operations. The program endeavors to offer both theoretical and practical knowledge to police, military and civilians concerning peace operations in the entire world. The UN training program is one of the thematic programs placed under (UNITAR), United Nations Institute for Training and Research. The essence of this training is to ensure that peace operations are effectively handled through enhancing the preparedness of the military, civilian and the police that are placed in field missions (Buerk, 2009, 1).In most cases, the training courses and topics for UNITAR were selected based on the current world events and UN resolutions relevant to a particular situation, stated differently, these training programs are not standardized and keep on changing according to the circumstances. Beneficiary issues and needs are also taken into consideration when designing such training courses. This means that the training courses and topics are in most cases dynamic, diverse and which are related to the global peace operations. UNITAR PTP acquires support from an Advisory Board, which include six personnel with high level of expertise in different fields (UNITAR, 2013, 1). United Nations Training Reform In the year 2008, one of the crucial documents of a decade was issued by UN concerning it’s operations, guidelines, policies and training programs. For more than sixty years, the UN peacekeeping activities had been guided by policies that were largely unwritten. In the new training reform, the UN captured the experiences of women and men who had served in the peacekeeping missions in various parts around the world. The reform was aimed at defining the scope, nature and basis of the modern peacekeeping operations for the United Nations (UN, 2013, 1).In the year 2010, the United Nations secretary general established the UN Inter-Agency Reform Task Force on UN Security Sector in order to facilitate an holistic, integrated and coherent security sector reform for UN peacekeep...

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