Jul 25, 2017

why should this piece of history should be understood by contemporary Washingtonians?

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19th Century DC Voting Rights vs Voting Rights Today in DC


State your argument clearly: why should this piece of history should be understood by contemporary Washingtonians?  Clearly explain this piece of history. What took place? Why was it important at the time?  Use at least 3 sources (including at least one class reading) to back up your argument. Cite your sources using your preferred citation style (I recommend APA or Chicago).  Write in a clear and well-organized way, with one main idea per paragraph and a strong introduction and conclusion.  4 pages double-spaced, in 12-point font, with 1-inch margins.

District of Columbia Voting RightsName:Institution: Until the year 1801, the citizens of district of Colombia had their voting rights, since before then they had not become a federal district. This means it had not broken away from the state of Virginia and Maryland. On the wake of the year 1801, the District of Columbia Organic Act was passed in the congress. At this point, the district seized to be part of any state and become a federal district. According to the USA constitution, a district can break away and become federal with reference to the District Clause. At this point, all the residents of Washington lost their right to vote for the president of the United States, congress members and the vice president, given that Columbia was not a state. This was the case until the wake of the year 1963, when the citizens of DC got their right to vote for the vice president and the vice, through the amendment of the constitution, namely the 23rd Amendment. As such the citizens had their chance to elect the president and the vice president during the 1964 elections. Before the 23rd amendment the citizens only had the right to vote in the delegates and party officials to the republican and democratic conventions at the national level (The Leadership Conference, 2014).However, DC residents still did not have representation in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. This is quite crucial than it may plainly seem. Due to the fact that the citizens do not have their representatives in the senate and the House of Representatives, they also do not have any influence in the matter revolving around health, guns, budgeting, and governance among other matters that directly affect them. These are rights that are accorded those citizens that are in other districts from recognized states. Later on in the year 1968, the residents of the District of Columbia were granted the right to vote in the election of the Board of Education. Each of the eight wards in the district had the chance to elect a member under the law that created the school board, other than that three would have been elected at large and all the eleven members would serve for a term of four years. After much effort, the District of Columbia finally go...

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