Jul 26, 2017

Who produced this document? When? Why? What purpose was it intended to serve?

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The Requerimiento 1533 Version


Choose one of the documents in Interpreting a Continent assigned for the week of January 26 (listed below) and in no more than 2 pages, critically analyze it: Who produced this document? When? Why? What purpose was it intended to serve? Who was the intended audience? What is the author`s point of view or perspective? What does the document tell us about the values, beliefs, and/or assumptions of the author? You should not be summarizing the content of the document but analyzing the intent of its author. "The Requerimiento, 1533 Version," 52-55 "Pedro de Castañeda de Nájera on the Search for the Seven Cities of Cíbola, 1540," 57-63 "Samuel de Champlain on Founding Quebec, 1608," 94-95 "John Winthrop of Founding New England, 1630," 97-99 "Catherine the Great`s Response to a Petition to Establish a Russian Colony, 1788," 112-114 "Francisco López de Mendoza Grájales`s Account of the Conquest of Florida, 1565," 233-41 "Henri Joutel`s Account of the Murder of La Salle, 1687," 242-50 "Antoine Simone Le Page Du Pratz Describes French Conflict with the Natchez, 1729," 261-68 please choose one of the readings and write on. please keep it in the simple english level. below will be the link to where you can get the pdf of the book from, just download it. its called , "interpreting a continent, voices from colonial america". the only problem is that the online it says the book has 313 pages but actually only has 297, but i noticed that if you follow the page numbers on the pages you will be on the right pages. http://en.bookfi.org/book/1164516

The Requerimiento 1533 VersionNameInstitution The Requerimiento 1533 VersionIntroductionJuan Lopez de Palacios wrote the Requerimiento 1533 version in 1512. The manuscript acknowledges that all humans are descendants of one man and woman (who were created by God, five thousand years ago). The document also argues that God put Saint Peter in charge of all the people regardless of whether they were Christians, Muslims, or gentiles. It is notable that God ordered Saint Peter to stay in Rome as the best location for governing, judging, and ruling the world. Additionally, those that lived at the time (Saint Peter’s time) accepted and submitted to his rule. A former pontiff who succeeded the throne donated the islands and the mainland. The document urges other non-Catholics to accept ...

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