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Which patient population registries do the hospitals participate in?

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Outcome Measures


I`m attaching guidelines, video links, and pdf files. thank you.




Quality improvement and Outcomes management guidelines

75 points:  Due 11:59 PM Nov 26th

Learning Objectives:

Describe the changes in Center for Medicaid and Medicare`s Services (CMS) reimbursement under the evolving Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Identify outcome measures used to assess your unit’s effectiveness.

Identify the most frequently used tools, instruments and indicators to evaluate healthcare effectiveness.

Analyze AHRQ/DHHS/NQF plan for healthcare data outcomes measures and indicators.

Define and discuss patient registries.

Analyze importance of public access to quality indicators.



View the linked videos and pdf articles found in Mod 4 introduction:

Linked VIDEOS:  (click on underline)

Healthcare Financing Overview for Nursing 

Overview of acess to care and regulatory process 

 The US Healthcare System: present and future.

Also, read the Links below in blue and answer the following questions using APA format.  Use the emboldened words below for your headings. 




Study the following website:  HHS.gov CMS VBP.  

Introduction (opening paragraph)

1.  In your first paragraph, briefly describe the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services(CMS) new value-based purchasing.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

 Read the linked article Good care Good science:The ACA is shifting priorities as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) changes its payment structure.

2.  From the above article, describe at least 2 changes in the new CMS payment structure that will impact RN managers and/or RNs at the point-of-care.

3.  In your work area, what do you see as the greatest challenge to this shift in CMS priorities?












Measurement Tools

Read the following National Quality Forum link(NQF) on principles of measurementNQF ABCs of measurement.pdf:

4.  What are outcome measures/indicators?  

5.  Explain what are they used for.

6.  In the `ABCs` article linked above, the National Quality Forum (NQF) provides 5 categories of tools for assessing performance.  Describe the 5 types (categories) of outcome measurement toolsdesigned to indicate whether care is achieving defined benchmarks.  Give an example of each type.

7. Which outcome measures are used to assess your (where you work) unit’s effectiveness? 

  • Where is this data stored?  
  • How are the outcomes data shared with the staff? 
  • How are the outcomes data used to improve care?
  • Identify and discuss your unit`s most frequently used outcomes indicator.








Patient registries

Read Chapter 1 (p. 9-21) linked at:  Patient registries

8.  a.  What is a patient registry?  This handbook identifies four major purposes for patient registries.  What are they?

     b.  Compare at least 2 differences between a Randomized Controlled trial (RCT) and a patient registry observational study? (Found in p.9-14 of above link).  

     c.  The purpose of CED [Coverage with Evidence Development p. 17] is to generate data (for CMS) on the “utilization and impact of an item or service.”   Our future HC policies will be based on this data.   Globally, other countries (with nationalized healthcare) are more advanced in using patient registry data to determine cost effectiveness/cost utility of an item or service.   After reading this chapter (1),  in your opinion, how will this affect our quality of healthcare?  Describe one positive and one negative consequence that you see.  







Hospital Comparison

9.  Go to the following data site and review the website.  : AHRQ Hospital  

  • Compare 3 hospitals in your community (or any 3 hospitals).  Click on the ‘Hospital Compare”button (upper right of page)
  • Which patient population registries do the hospitals participate in? (If any?)
  • Look at the ‘Patient Survey” results.  Compare the results and choose which hospital you would recommend?  Defend your answer.
  • Explain your opinion on the importance of public access to a healthcare facility`s quality of care measures.






APA format using title page, headings (use emboldened words above), citations, and reference page; spelling and grammar perfect



Outcome measureNameUniversityDateOutcome measuresIntroductionCenter for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) new value based purchasing is a concept adopted by CMS to encourage better healthcare provision and services at the health center. The ideology behind value-based purchasing is that the different health care centers will be purchasing their rewards based on the quality of service they provide at their centers and what opinions do patients have regarding their services. In short the reward given to a health care center is directly proportional to the value of services provided at the center.The Affordable Care Act (ACA)Some of the changes that will be adopted in the payment structure include: 1 Payment based on high quality care and keeping their patients healthy: under this payment structure the CMS is putting emphasis on the care accorded to patients. The higher the quality given to patients the more the health center will be awarded. 2 Payment based on the overall performance on a set of quality measures: under this payment structure, there are measures that have been put in place by CMS. If any health center meets these criteria set. Then a rewarded will be given best on to what extent the health center has attained this measures.Challenges that may be faced because of this shiftIn analyzing the priorities that have been shortlisted by CMS, generally this initiative will be faced with a lot of challenges and it will affect many sectors of the health care service. This is because in health centers there are broad spectrums of services that need better financial capabilities to offer better health services to its patients. Hence, the regulation of payments based on services offered as well as quality of service will generally affect many health centers. One of the reasons would be different health facilities have a defined number of population that they can accommodate in their facility at any time and at the same time the number that is handled in a day in any health facility differs. Hence, if the value based analysis will be used hence, the general health service will be affected.In my unit of working the major challenge that would be faced will be the possibility to procure advanced machines to measure patients` health status. This is because of the marginalized funds that would see less allocation for the unit.Measurement ToolsOutcome measures are the final results that are emulated after all ser...

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