Aug 11, 2017

What would the sender have to say to the addressee on or about the dates listed?

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Leo Szilard

The letters/memoranda listed below are fictitious; no such letters exist (well, maybe they do; I don`t know). You will use your imagination to produce these fictitious letters--all of the letters, each and every one--as though they did exist. I want each letter to be half a page. (So it will be 2 letters on 1 page) What would the sender have to say to the addressee on or about the dates listed? 1. From James Byrnes to Leó Szilárd, May 29, 1945 2. From Dwight Eisenhower to Earl Warren, January 12, 1954 3. From Condoleezza Rice to Richard A. Clarke, January 26, 2001 4. From Henry Kissinger to Brent Scowcroft, October 11, 1973 5. From Herbert Hoover to Douglas MacArthur, July 29, 1932 6. From J. Edgar Hoover to James Hosty, November 23, 1963 You must include source citations for the letters you create(2 source for each letter). You may not cite "Wikipedia" as a source for any of the letters.
Students NameStudents Number8th June 2012From; James Byrnes29th May 1945.To;Leo SzilardHow are you sir? Hope you are fine and doing well. We have not communicated for a couple of days due to the intensity of the Second World War. Now that the war has come to a close, President Truman has recognized your vital contributions in the Manhattan project that developed the atomic bomb. The president would like your input in developing a world free of nuclear arms. Kindly do a report to him similar to the Franck report outlining the imminent dangers of using nuclear weapons (Richard, 6). The whole world has learnt albeit too late that we ought to have followed your advice. That bomb had devastating effects which could have been controlled. In your report show clearly what ought to be done scientifically to nations that may not heed the advice of not using nuclear weapons in any conflict. As a recognized scientist, we know you will be equal to the task. When do you think this can be done? It should be quick since you have all the background information and expertise required. I understand there will be a body that will be founded very soon to unite all the nations. The body will ratify most of these policies and they will become applicable all over the world. Never again will the whole world go to war. That body to be known as United Nations will be a continuation of our late President Roosevelt`s policy of creating peace (Holmes, 7). Come up with that report so that enough consultations can be done in good time. It will be fine tuned for presentation in the formal meeting for all nations, which I understand, will be held between august and November this year. Thank you and keep in touch.From; Dwight EisenhowerTo; Earl Warren12th January, 1954.How are you Chief Justice? Hope you are doing well. I know you are still settling down in your job and hope you are enjoying it. We need to serve these people knowing what America and the entire world has gone through. The effects of racial segregation have been seen. I experienced brothers being set upon each other and this is a trend we should curtail. The racial divide that is in American schools should end as a matter of urgency. We must lead from the front in confronting these injustices (Davies, 6). I would like your office to dispense with speed any cases of this nature. The purpose of this letter is to request for all the necessary suggestions you may have on creating enabling laws to confront racial injustices in our land. I would also like you to liaise with my trusted vice president Richard Nixon so that all these suggestions can be tabled in congress. When do you think that can be ready? It should be fast and conclusive. My predecessor laid down those plans and we must conclude them. As I stated in my inaugural address, human dignity must be respected. This can only be done by appreciating the virtue most admired by any free people; the love of truth. Your office has an immense role to play in restoring...

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