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What will work best??? What TV shows, radio programs or other communication methods will work best? Why????

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Media Compaign Project: The Benefits of Career Centre

For this project, your group will identify an organization at UHD and develop a media campaign around it. You can select a college, student group, department, program, etc. and create a media campaign (using the principles discussed in class) that can promote it to internal and external constituents. Our topic is the Career Gudience Center I do not expect you to actually implement your campaign plan. BUT…I may very well share them with these organizations once they are turned in, so they should be realistic in scope. Conduct research to learn more about the organization and how it benefits the UHD community. Review its website. If you`d like, reach out to staff members and conduct interview via email or phone. Conduct more research to learn how you can best communicate this program to its constituents. What will work best??? What TV shows, radio programs or other communication methods will work best? Why???? What kind of story will you tell? Why???? How will you publicize and promote your program? Why???? Next, create a plan. Identify the tasks that need to be completed to start this program. In what order should these tasks be completed? Why? Be detailed. Set dates and deadlines for these tasks. What is your objective? Will this plan inform people, change attitudes or impact behavior? Perhaps, your objective might be a combination of these three objectives. Finally, how will you take action??? How will this plan be put into action? You`ve identified the tasks that need to be accomplished, but how will you execute them? Who in your group will be doing what??? (REMEMBER…this is hypothetical. You don`t have to call TV stations, place ads, etc.) Compile all of the elements of your plan in a 11 page report. Include supplementary information calendars, artwork, ads you might create, etc. HINT: The more detail, the better! We`ve discussed a host of elements crucial to media campaigns: selecting media tools, publicizing and promoting campaigns, creating stories for your campaign, identifying media outlets that can showcase your program. Don`t just give me a laundry list of what you`re going to do. I want to see specific details as to WHY you`re making specific decisions. I clearly want to see what kind of research you conducted and why; how you planned your media campaign; and what actions you took to make this campaign work. Also, I specifically want you see your objective. It should be measurable. Do you want to increase attendance at an event by 15 percent? Do you want to inform 60 percent of Houstonians about a new program? Would you like at least 600 people to change their attitudes about a specific topic??? This should be a collaborative effort. You might assign different aspects of the project to different members. One member could be assigned to pull everything together and edit it. the blog
MEDIA CAMPAIGN PROJECT OF UHD CAREER CENTREName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:Date of SubmissionThe Benefits of Career CentreInterviews and website reviews were the main data collection methods used in gathering information on the benefits of career centre in UHD community. The the centre`s website was selected as the main source of information because it contains up-dated information on the various activities carried out by the centre, while interviews were selected to gain more insight on people`s views on these activities, like how they have been benefiting from the program.Based on the collected information, it was found that career centre at UHD is very important in assisting students and alumnae attain their objective of using their university education to pursue their career. As an effect, the career centre has been very instrumental in providing various services that can assist students attain this objective.Some of the services offered include career decision making, where the centre is well equipped with counselors to assist any individual in the UHD community figure out the right career depending on the individual`s values, areas of interests, capabilities, as well as personalities. It is the responsibility of the counselor at the career centre to help students make the choice of academic major that will be instrumental in attaining student`s goals.The career centre also helps the UHD community especially students and alumnae to learn more about different occupations (McKay 2012). Counselors at the centre ensure that all necessary resources required by the UHD community in gathering information as they maintain a library of career related information. it also has connections with former UHD students and professionals, whom together they discuss their careers with current students at UHD.Resume writing has been problematic to many students at UHD as most of them do not understand the inclusions. However, career centre has been conducting workshops to critique individual resumes and cover letters, with the aim of educating students on resume writing. Career centre has also been sponsoring workshops to assist students learn more about ways of presenting themselves on a job interview (McKay 2012).Media Campaign ObjectivesThough career centre is very instrumental in getting students prosper in their academics, the number of students and alumnae getting help from the centre is still too low, as compared to the UHD community. As an effect, the media campaign program aims at increasing the number of students and alumnae visiting the centre by 60%, based on the current visits.Based on this objective, our campaign stories will revolve around getting the right job, choosing the right career, and writing the best resumes.Important Tasks and TimelinesThe success of any campaign program largely depends on the level and number of tasks accomplished before starting the program, and its steps after the implementations. According to National Center for Medi...

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