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What were the findings of the study?

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Research Article Analysis


Locate a recent criminal justice research article from a recognized peer-reviewed professional journal or government publication. Note. Non-peer-reviewed newspaper articles or articles from popular magazines, such as Time or Newsweek, are not acceptable. For assistance on determining what constitutes a professional peer-reviewed resource, contact your facilitator. Write a 1,375- to 1,750-word paper in which you address the following: • Identify the purpose of the research study, problem, and questions. • Describe the design of the study. • Identify an operational definition used by the researchers. • Provide one example of inductive logic and one example of deductive logic presented in the results. • Identify whether the research study is a quantitative or qualitative design. Explain your answer. • Identify the methodology, population, sampling methods, and return rate, if applicable. • What were the findings of the study? • Describe the author’s conclusions and recommendations. • In your opinion, could the study have been done differently or improved? Detail your response

Research AnalysisName:Institution: According to the research by Sells, Early and Smith (2011) adolescents are prone to a lot of dysfunctional behaviours in the community and among them is crime. Specifically the research found out that most of the adolescents who are involved in delinquentbehaviour, with characteristics such as conduct disorder and opposition do so because they have dysfunctional parenting. At the onset of adolescence, most of the children are drawn to peer-pressure and can easily be lost of crime if the parents are not careful enough. This is the age where the child is experiencing a lot of hormonal imbalance and they tend to very impulsive in most of the activities that they are involved in. parenting behaviours such a rejection, poor supervision, inconsistent discipline and harsh treatment may push the adolescents into developing behaviours that are related to conduct disorders and opposition. As such the authors, have come up with research, to try and identify the various ways in which the Parenting with love and limits model would assist the parents and the adolescents to address the issue of delinquency. With reference to the findings, the group of parents and adolescents that participated in the program had reduced incidences of depression, aggression, attention deficit disorder issues and low dropout cases.According to the study there are four problems that the approach has encountered in the past, where the family engagement is concerned. One of the obstacles has been the fact that there is no seamless integration between the groups, families and the individuals. As such, most of the parents get to learn new skills to handle their delinquent youths but fail to deliver the first time they try. This leads to a drop in their faith with regard to the program.Secondly it is common to find that most of the parents may recent joining the groups as they blame their adolescent children for getting involved with the justice system. Majority of these parents feel that their children should not drag them into problems that hey created on their own. As such they may not agree to the initiation into the program, which leaves their children in more problems and render the program ineffective.Thirdly, there is the issue of iatrogenic effects. This relates to the fact that the adolescents with the delinquent behaviours may interact and reinforce their habits. This is self-defeating as the program is designed to reduce the effects, but may end up reinforcing the same.Finally there has not been enough research in the area dealing with the group therapies which would be tied to the treatment fidelity. This would work to improve the fidelity of the studies and the findings in the field of group therapies. As such the sole question of the study is on how best to engage the parents and the delinquent adolescents in the group therapies in a bid to make sure that the correction of the latter is a group effort (Sells,Early, & Smith, 2011).Th...

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