Jul 28, 2017

What surprised you about the experiences John Hockenberry personally encountered as a result of his disability?

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Review: experiences John Hockenberry personally encountered as a result of his disability

. What surprised you about the experiences John Hockenberry personally encountered as a result of his disability? Include five different examples with page numbers from at least three different chapters. In chapter an 18 page 255 Hockenberry talks about being in rehab. Back in 1976, a Dr. offered the following in response to a question I had about how my newly paralyzed body was going to function: \\\\\\\"If we rip your Large intestine out of you and place it in a dish it would just continue working all by itself.\\\\\\\" This was supposed to make me feel better about my bodily functions instead for more than a decade I have feared that deep inside my body a time bomb was ticking. In chapter 6 on pages 77-78, Hockenberry Talks about how people thought he would be better off if he committed suicide. People feel sorry for him; How could his life be worth anything being in a chair. People actually suggested to his family that they should prepare themselves in the event that he does commit suicide. In chapter 10 page 133 John describes when he got pulled over by the cop for having us wheelchair on the rack outside his pickup truck. John was trying to explain that he couldn\\\\\\\`t get the wheelchair out of the back of the truck bed on his own and that\\\\\\\`s why he had the rack. The officer was pulling the chair off the rack when John hit the accelerator and shouted get your hands off the chair pal! In chapter 11 page 135, Hockenberry talks about armrest on cheers. Crips have a few pieces of advice for the folks in chairs; this was one of them. In the mid-70s the prevailing wheelchair culture for paraplegics involved playing wheelchair basketball, terrorizing drivers who park illegally in handicap spaces, and waiting for computer implants and repair Spinal cords and make everyone walk again. Armrest made some sense because they were comfortable. Why quadriplegics all have armrest but for them balance was a serious issue because unlimited hand and arm function I showed up to play wheelchair basketball one time and was promptly told by the crips that I needed to lose my armrest. In chapter 7 page 88 John talks about being grateful for the Americans with Disabilities Act. However he goes on to say that he thinks the Americans with disabilities act is the most useless empty and unenforceable law of the last quarter century. He believes this act is weak and that the disabled community is a tough uncompromising coalition of activist.
ReviewName:Institution: In page 77 to 78 in chapter 6, he painfully recounts how the people in his community felt that he should kill himself. Most of them felt that his life was worthless since he was stuck on the wheelchair. At one time, some of the people even suggested to the family members, that they should actually be prepared just in case he committed suicide due to his disability. This must have been very devastating, as most the people thought that his life was miserable and that this would eventually take its toll on his mental status.In page 88 of chapter 7, looks into the policies that are in place protecting the rights of the disabled persons. In his view the Americans with disabilities act is a good policy, however he also felt that this was one of the most empty, weak and unenforceable law and has been so for more than the last quarter of the century, which does not represent the strong and uncompromised community of the disabled persons.In page 133 on chapter 10, he further recounts an incide...

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