Jul 16, 2017

what role did Ed Ulbrich play in creating The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

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Creativity and the Role of the Artist


Unfortunately, very few think film is an art form. Let`s see if your views can be changed.

First, watch video on TED (Ed Ulbrich: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) 


Second, under the heading The Creative Process in Chapter 1, page 12-13, Sayre, your textbook author, A World of Art, 7th edition, describes the creative process using preliminary drawings for Pablo Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon. In order for you to understand the nature of creativity, compare the Desmoiselles d”Avignon drawings with the finished work. Consider the historical context in terms of how nature was perceived during the lives of this artist.

Third, turning back to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button look at The Role of the Artist (still in Chapter 1). Of the four (4) roles Sayre describes, in your opinion, what role did Ed Ulbrich play in creating The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Pick one of the roles Sayre has described. This is your choice. Do not make up your own. I will not interpret your work and will not give credit, so, use the exact same wording Sayre has provided. 

Please complete all steps above to fully understand this film.

Respond in at least 150 words. Answer all questions to receive credit. 

Textbook link



[student’s name] [professor’s name] [course] [date] Creativity and the Role of the Artist Contrary to what most people think, the creation of an artwork is not an impulsive activity. It requires focus and attention – not only to the medium being used to create the work, but also to the message it wants to convey. Just like a writer, the artist makes drafts of his work, and the “proofreads” it several times and the work is transformed in the process. For example, in Pablo Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles d’ Avignon, working sketches and x-ray analyses of the painting shows the various stages it went through before Picasso finally decided on keeping the five nude ladies in the final work. From the original brothel scene consist


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