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What points would appeal most strongly to your readers?

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Module 2 SLP: The Academic Essay


Module 2 - SLP The Academic Essay Reflecting on Andrew Sullivan`s essay, "iPod World: The End of Society," write a well-organized and well-supported essay in which you identify the ways in which society has changed over the years due to technology. A well-organized essay has a beginning, middle, and an end. The beginning, or introduction, should include an opening sentence to grab your reader’s attention. Follow the opening sentence with a brief background on the topic or situation. In this case, it would be an explanation of the changes in society of the years. The last sentence of the introduction is the thesis statement. The thesis states the main point of the essay, which in this case, would be a statement affirming whether or not society has changed over the years due to technology (for better, for worse, or both) and possibly the ways society is different now. A well-supported essay includes supporting points, details, and examples. For this essay, you must decide the best way to organize the body of the paper. Will you have a paragraph for each change? Will you divide the body of your paper into three or more paragraphs, one for each difference? In any case, each body paragraph must support (explain) your reasoning (rationale) using specific details. Each body paragraph must have a topic sentence that states the main point of the paragraph. The conclusion typically summarizes the main points of the essay and/or closes with a lasting impression that connects the reader to their world. In this case, where is our society headed? Is it too late for change? Be sure to proofread your essay and edit for proper grammar, punctuation, diction (word choice), and spelling, as errors in sentence skills will lower a final grade. A grade will be determined based on the Module 2 SLP expectations and the Trident University General Education rubric for English. Papers must be double-spaced in Times or Times New Roman font (12 cpi) with standard one-inch margins. The first person "I" is not used in a formal essay, nor is the passive "you." In place of "you," "one" may be used. No secondary sources are to be used in the process of writing this first paper; it is to be entirely written based on one`s point of view and supported with body points and details. SLP Assignment Expectations •Write an essay (no less than three pages in length) that states an original thesis statement on society and technology today. •Include an introductory paragraph with thesis statement. •Include body paragraphs (each with a topic sentence that states the point of the paragraph) that support the thesis through examples and details. •Include a conclusion that summarizes the main points of the essay and/or leaves the reader with a lasting impression on the issue. •Proofread your essay for errors in grammar, diction (word choice), punctuation, and spelling.


Academic writing reveals what the writer believes and is supported by the evidence that has contributed to that thinking. It is not a story, description, or summary. 

Most university writing assignments involve taking a stand on an issue.  The purpose would be to not only inform and explain, but to persuade the reader to respect your position.

The tone used in Academic Writing may be different than your earlier experiences with writing.  Academic Writing is never written in the first person unless specified.  Unless we are responding to our summer vacation, we do not use the first person, "I.”

We also do not use the second person, approaching the reader as if we are writing a letter or having a conversation.  That means do not use the following words: you, your, yourself, yourselves, and don’t

Remember that writing is more formal than conversation: avoid slang, jargon, and conventional terms. (Basically, things, etc.)

üIt is an argument.  It makes a point and supports it.
üThe point (“claim” or “thesis”) is debatable and open to interpretation.  It is not obvious.  The thesis is declarative and works best at the end of the introductory paragraph.
üThere is a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. 
üThe body of the paper is divided by clear supporting points.  Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that states the main point of the paragraph.  Assertions may be made without support.
üThe primary source for support is from the text or other sources.  Quotations are required when quoting from the text or other sources.
üWhen sources are used, an Academic Essay must be formatted in APA Style.
üA final draft should be edited carefully for grammatical correctness.

For most university writing assignments, you are writing for a general academic audience – your professor, and in some cases your classmates.  Academic readers need clear and logical writing that uses supporting points to inform, explain, and persuade. 

Of course various academic audiences differ.  Readers in the Health Sciences would seek research from medical journals, while Business and Information Technology might focus on real-world applications.  As a result, depending on the assignment and field, your readers may expect certain subject matter and varying types of evidence and methods.

The more you know about your audience, the more you will be able to target your writing .  Ultimately you will be more successful after analyzing what your readers know, what they believe, and what they value.

Who are your readers?

What do they know or want to know?

What opinions do they hold?

How might you appeal to them?

How can you narrow your focus based on this information?

What points would appeal most strongly to your readers?

What details would persuade them?

What could possibly offend them?

Analysis of Andrew Sullivan`s, “iPod World: The end of Society”Name:Institution:Analysis of Andrew Sullivan`s, “iPod World: The end of Society”Ways in which Society has changed over the years due to TechnologySullivan is an English journalist and writer born in 1963. Hr has made a name for himself as a renowned blogger and writer for the New York based ‘Time Magazine`. His articles regarding homosexuality and religion have however brought a great deal of controversy in the past years. In his Article, “iPod World: The end of society”, Sullivan captures the attention of his readers by expressing practical evaluations of the impacts of portable electronic media(iPods in this case) on the society`s urban settlement, a case of New York city. He insinuates that this phenomenon is one, which has resulted in a culture whereby people have become increasingly ignorant the subject matter under question. According to Sullivan, the emergence of portable music has caused individuals to be isolated from the larger society into ‘private places`. The author is mostly concerned with the reduction of physical social interactions among people, which at some point formed the fundamental nature of everyday living.All the same, it is important to point out that the portability nature of music brought about by iPods has enable people to access an abundant variety of songs and videos as a form of entertainment and gratification. This can be attributed to the growing tendencies of people keeping to themselves and being overly protective of their preferences and feelings, bringing to consideration the inclination to not playing music aloud. Such a school of thought is more than likely derived from the dogma of keeping ones opinion to oneself. Sullivan speaks of the realization that a once vibrant urban settlement now dwells in echoless silence. This suggestion is ironical in nature considering the way people walk around with earphones placed in their ears yet the city is seen as ‘deaf`. This also represents an exceptional example of how technology is responsible for social and or interpersonal behavior changes in modern day societies around the world.In a straightforward sense, this article enhances the notion of defining the extent to which people really or essentially need electronic devices like iPods and iPads to exp...

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