Jul 23, 2017

What other lines of evidence can be used?

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Climate Change Essay


Below are the questions needed to consider in the assignment and each one should be treated separately with brief introduction, discussion and brief conclusion. At least each question should have 500 words with in text citations throughout and reference page. 1. Palynology has provided the most convincing evidence for climatic and cultural environmental change in the British Isles. Discuss this statement. What other lines of evidence can be used? 2. Critically discuss the evidence for human impact on the environment in the British Isles during the Mesolithic/Neolithic. 3. Critically explain how dendrochronology can be utilised by Quaternary scientists. Illustrate your answer with appropriate case studies.

Climate ChangeName Course Professor University State Date1. Palynology has provided the most convincing evidence for climatic and cultural environmental change in the British Isles. Discuss this statement. What other lines of evidence can be used? Palynology generally describes the microscopic structures of both plants and animals. It is a branch of science that involves the study of spores, pollen and other related Palynomorphs such as fossils and living things (McGregor, 2002, p.16).These microscopic substances are capable of retaining characteristics concerning the climatic properties and cultural environmental changes of their respective regions. These microscopic substances are normally composed of decay resistant compounds, which can only be decomposed through oxidation. They are relatively in large numbers in most sediments and rocks of sedimentary structure (Traverse, 2004, p.45). Palynology has been widely used in the study of previous and present climatic environments of different regions all over the world. The British Isles have not been left behind, characterized by climatic and environmental changes that have been deeply studied and researched in palynology and the changes have been monitored. The abundance of pollen and spore in any part of a living thing means it is the most appropriate element to study in order to get an understanding of the environmental changes that have taken place. The British Isles are comprised of islands, which mean the Atlantic Ocean has played a critical role in climatic changes. Through the study of these microscopic organisms especially those found to be clinging on ancient artifacts such as stone tools, pots etc. have helped in figuring out the climatic conditions of the ancient British Isles an thus determine what changes have occurred over time (McGregor, 2002, p.77). The ocean provides heat reservation and helps in controlling winds and precipitation in the region. Furthermore, palynology has effectively helped in studying vegetation patterns and their varying soil and climatic conditions. Samples used in palynology can be sourced from water, air or sediment deposits (Darvill, 2002, p.96). This shows that the findings are all rounded and give the overall characteristics of the climatic conditions and changes. Palynology involves several analysis stages; collectively they produce convincing evidence of climatic changes such as that in the British Isles. The first stage is the chemical preparation, which helps in obtaining the specific organic substance for analysis. The obtained substance is then mixed with some medium such as water, which is later observed and scanned under microscopes. The findings are finally linked with the respective rock layer from that time, which helps, in describing the evolution duration and process that the microorganism has undergone. From the plants that used to grow in the British Isles to the diet of animals, palynology has been successful in describin...

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