What kind of risks would your firm face and how do you plan to mitigate them?

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Computer Services Inc: Competitors and Business Requirements


Please complete the following.
The signature assignment for this course is 2 pages with cited research on your reference organization (Computer Services
Now that you have worked with a reference organization throughout the course, sketch the business plan of a small firm that you could open, operate and manage. The paper would become a skeleton of a business plan that would incorporate all the components of your course. More specifically, address the following questions in your paper: - Describe the object of activity and overall mission of the firm and explain why you chose that firm? - Present the main organization of the firm in terms of human resources, assets, and discuss the different areas of social
responsibility that you may face - Analyze, hypothetically, the relevant market for your products,
list the competitors - Are there any regulatory requirements for your business?
- Project the revenues, costs and expected profits
- What kind of risks would your firm face and how do you plan to mitigate them?
- Analyze how domestic and international economics affect your business.
The general guidelines for the final signature assignment are:
Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in
12-point Times New Roman.
Your Essay should have an Executive Summary (no more than 1 page), a Title Page and References Page (Note: your executive summary, title page, and references page are not
included in the 2 page count). 
Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. You must cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid plagiarism. Your essay must have a thesis statement and conclusion that are both supported at least 4 sources.


Computer Services Inc Name Course Instructor Date Introduction Computer services, Inc seeks to offer technology solutions to banks business enterprises require, credit unions as well as other industries that require core processing and managed services (Computer Service, Inc, 2016). Business enterprises require integrated information technology solutions, and Computer Services, Inc is well placed to cater to customer needs. The firm was identified for its potential for growth and ability to offer solutions to clients in the service industry. The business plan highlights relevant aspects to the success of the company’s business operations. Transparency, accountability and good customer service are essential to the success of the computer to attract more clients and attract the existing ones. This is a proposed business plan for Computer Services, Inc focusing on human resource requ


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