Jul 28, 2017

What is the significance of the fact that the Nevada Constitution is lengthier than the US Constitution?

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Constitution Nevada and the Us Constitution


This essay has to be double spaced, 12pt font times new roman. Please answer in essay format the questions below. Use internet media sites to reference the questions below as well as any books that may be pertinent. Do not worry about a cover/title page, just need the essay and work cited page. Citations should be APA format. (1) What is the significance of the fact that the Nevada Constitution is lengthier than the US Constitution? (2) Which of the two constitutions provides greater protections for individual rights and how so? (3) Which of the two constitutions provide greater protections for minorities (however defined, i.e., as merely 50% minus one or fewer persons AND as racial or ethnic minorities)? (4) Which constitution gives greater protection to the right of the majority to govern (and explain why)? (5) Explain the pros and cons of Nevada\`s system for electing judges compared to the so-called Merit Plan (i.e., Missouri Plan, or similar plan) used in other states as well as the U.S. national system for appointing judges. Describe recent attempts of Nevada to move to the merit plan. Also, outline Nevada\`s recent attempts to establish an intermediate court of appeals.

Constitution Nevada and the Us ConstitutionName:Institution: What is the significance of the fact that the Nevada Constitution is lengthier than the US Constitution?Based on the length of the two sets of laws, one cannot derive the significance of either given that they are supposed to govern at different levels. Currently the US constitution is the supreme law that governs all the states in the United States of America. The US constitution is formed of seven articles that were original in totality. The first articles relates to the powers of the legislature while article two relates to the powers of the executive. Article three relates to the judiciary and its powers, while article four deals with the powers of the state and the limits they have. Article five then relates to the due process that has to be followed when any of the amendments are being done to the constitution. The sixth article then details the powers that the federal government has, while the last article, number seven, relates to the ratification. It also contains the bill of rights and the twenty seven amendments that have been made since the constitution was adopted into the law in the year 1787, 17th of September (Constitutionus, 2013).In the year 1864, on the 1st Wednesday of the month of September, a convention of delegates that had been chosen by the people of the state of Nevada brought forward the constitution that they had been preparing. The constitution was voted by the people as the new constitution of the state and on 31st of the following month the then president Abraham Lincoln proclaimed to the other states that the state of Nevada was now admitted to the union and was part of the original states that formed the United States of America. Unlike the US constitution that of Nevada is formed of 19 articles (State of Nevada, 2013). The first article deals with the rights declaration in the state, while the second article details the rights of suffrage. The distribution of power is de...

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