Jul 24, 2017

what is the setting? What impact does it have on you and why?

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Mythology and Art/Architecture (3rd edition ISBN)


Text: World Mythology: An Anthology of the Great Myths and Epics, 3rd edition ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0-8442-5966-6 Author: Donna Rosenberg Publisher: McGraw-Hill Instructions: The values of a society - or the traits that a society would like to reinforce - are revealed in the art and architecture that it produces. Copying or imitating ancient works is one form of reinforcing desired characteristics. Allusions of images of the past is another method. The mythologies of the countries we`ve discussed had a tremendous impact on the art and architecture that they fashioned. When these works are imitated or used as the basis for modern works, the imagination of the past is transposed to today. Therefore, we can draw direct connections between the past and the present. Write a 3-4 page essay establishing the connection between one or more of the myths in the book and one of the following works of art or architecture. Do not simply retell the story of the myth nor only describe the painting, the building, the sculpture. Use your description for emphasis but concentrate primarily on how external aspects of the modern piece reveal of reinforce the values of the ancient myth. Areas/aspects to consider: what is the setting? What impact does it have on you and why? What purpose does the piece appear to have? Is there any statement by the artist/architect about its creation? Use concrete references to both the myth and the work of art to support your ideas. Vague and unsupported references will impact your grade negatively. This essay should convey what you have learned and the connections you have made. It is essential that you make specific and direct reference to the myths you choose. Outside references are not necessary but please use footnotes when citation is required. APA style preferred but consistent use of alternate styles is acceptable. 3-4 pages 12 pt. font double –space. (Times or Times New Roman preferred) I. M. Pei`s Pyramid at the Louvre California Dept of General Services in West Sacramento Jefferson Memorial Toronto Stock Exchange friezes MI6 Building in Vauxhall Schwetzingen Castle U. S. Capitol: one of the frescoes by Constantina Brumidi George Washington by Hiram Powers George Washington by Horatio Greenough The Sharpshooter by Winslow Homer Manifest Destiny by John Gast Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch U. S. currency

Mythology and Art/ArchitectureName:InstitutionMythology and Art/Architecture Art is used as a conduit to give form to and transmit fundamental beliefs, values, ideas and attitudes of societies’ culture. They are conveyed from generation to generation and are significant in the evolution of culture. They ensure culture continuity and are the ideal channels to effect cultural change. Art expressed in architectural designs such as in buildings and statues also serve the same purpose. Mythology, the collection and study of myths, is an important cultural feature and practice that largely serves the purpose of explicating the inexplicable. The mysteries of life such as the origin of the world are endeavored to be rationalized through myths. Myths arise from historical events sometimes hyperbolized, allegorical or personifying a natural phenomenon or a ritual. Myths can be used to instill behavioral and moral teachings in a society. These myths have had an affiliated influence on art and architecture fashioned today. Designs of the yesteryears can be found transposed in the modern works and this is a testament that art is a tool to reinforce desired characteristics in...

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