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What is the relationship between the two variables in your refined hypothesis? Why do you think the proposed relationship exists?

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Future Changes in Ethic Minority Representation in the U.S. Congress


you must use my research paper attached to answer questions. thanks Hypothesis Exercise (1) Briefly explain your topic. (2) Provide your hypothesis based on a topic related to the US Congress. (3) Explain why you selected this hypothesis. (4) Explain in detail the causal relationship that your hypothesis is attempting to show. What is the relationship between the two variables in your refined hypothesis? Why do you think the proposed relationship exists? The causal relationship between the two variables in the refined hypothesis is when one variable causes a change in another variable. (5) Define the variables of your hypothesis in terms that can be researched (i.e., the data that can be collected). Basically, what specific variables will you research (examine)? (6) For each unit of analysis you`ve provided, write a brief explanation of how it accurately represents the variables within your hypothesis. Then, discuss the research methodology that you will be using to obtain information. How will you go about gathering the data? Your hypothesis can be researched either quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. this depends upon how you want to develop your research and this should be clearly identified in section 6 of the assignment. You will be building on this work in future assignments. REMINDER: Cite References! Use Turabian format! at least 400 words


Literature Review Exercise 

After defining the topic on the US Congress, refining your hypothesis, and specifying the units of analysis in the Hypothesis research stage, you will now collect scholarly articles on your refined hypothesis. The Literature Review will consist of 5-7 journal articles (each article should address the subject matter of your refined hypothesis). These secondary sources will provide the context and background for conducting research on your refined hypothesis.

Literature Review

A literature review summarizes, interprets, and critically evaluates existing "literature" (or published material) in order to establish current knowledge of a subject. The purpose for doing so relates to on-going research to develop that knowledge: the literature review may resolve a controversy, establish the need for additional research, and/or define a topic of inquiry.

The purpose of a literature review

The purpose of your literature review is to establish current knowledge on your approved research topic on the US Congress.

The following format is required

I. Introduction: Explain the relevance of your topic. Why is it important?

II. Literature Review: Tell the story of your topic and what other researchers have said about it. It`s the backstory to your hypothesis and how other studies led up to it.

III. Hypothesis: Provide your refined hypothesis statement.

IV. Conceptualization: Provide the specific units of analysis that you will be using during the research project.

V. Bibliography



FUTURE CHANGES IN ETHNIC MINORITY REPRESENTATION IN THE U.S. CONGRESSNameSubjectDateThe TopicThe research topic is about the expected future voting patterns in the United States of America, with a focus on the influence that minority ethnic groups such as African Americans, Latinos, Asian, and other immigrants, will have in the U.S. Congress. Current demographic trends in terms of population growth indicate that minority groups are increasing in size while their white counterparts stagnate.Working HypothesisWhen the population of a minority group increases, it is expected that their influence in national politics should rise proportionally. This is true in established democracies where issues of equal representation, especially of women and other marginalized groups, feature in public dialogue and political debates. Hispanics, for instance, have seen their population increase steadily over the years, making them the largest minority group in America. However, it is not clear whether their representation in Congress has improved over the same period. The research seeks to establish whether population increase among American minority ethnic groups over the years has translated into increased representation in Congress. In other words, is the current level of ethnic minorities’ representation in the U.S. Congress reflective of their increasing numbers?[Karen Bird, The Political Representation of Women and Ethnic Minorities in Established Democracies, 11 November, 2003, accessed June 3, 2014, http://www.hks.harvard.edu/fs/pnorris/Acrobat/stm103%20articles/Karen%20Bird%20amidpaper.pdf] [John Garcia, Gabriel Sanchez and Salvado...

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