What is the potential harm if one is limited to a single approach to counseling?

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Psychology: integrative approach

Psychology: integrative approach


1. What is the potential harm if one is limited to a single approach to counseling?

2. The practice of integration and eclecticism used to be frowned upon. How can integration be accomplished responsibly?

3. One approach in which theories are linked is through common factors. What are some of these factors and how do they relate to the many theories and how are they connected to us ( the people involved in the counseling process ) ?

Brief Questions these Question

Question one

There is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations. Each person needs to be considered as a whole and counseling techniques must be tailored to their individual needs and personal circumstances.  The harm that might result from the reliance of a single approach to counseling will be the limited understanding of the emotional health of the clients. Additionally, the single approach method of counseling will not meet the diversity in the values, personalities of persons, needs, social and the spiritual aspects.

Question two

The integration approach to counseling should be used in the most responsible way to achieve the objectives of the counseling. Integrative counseling aims to promote healing and facilitate wholeness – ensuring that all levels of a people being and functioning (mental, physical and emotional health) are maximized to their full potential.

The responsible use of the integrative approach will involve the development of client-therapist relationship at all times. The attitude and presence of an integrative counselor are another crucial elements of integrative therapy. It is generally believed that the most effective model requires the therapist to be non-judgemental, interpersonal and intent on establishing a supportive and cooperative relationship with their client. They must also engage in deep, attentive listening without the presuppositions that can distort understanding.

This meaningful contract between equals is thought to empower clients – helping them to explore and recognize patterns of behavior that need to be addressed through change and the setting of new goals. This aspect of integrative therapy is often referred to as the personal integration of therapists – they are committing themselves wholly to their client and their exploration of self ((Gerstein 1999).)

Question three

The integrative approach is linked to the holistic therapy theory which involves integrating various elements of different theories to the practice. In addition to traditional talk therapy, holistic therapy may include non-traditional therapies such as hypnotherapy or guided imagery. The key is to use the techniques and psychotherapy tools best suited for a particular client and problem.

From the integrated theory the therapists should consider factors such as the relationship with the client, attitudes the client has, the personality of the client, mental health of the client, and the client’s self-esteem.


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