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What is the nature of the inability or difficulty to function?

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Families with Mentally Ill Members

  1. Description of the vulnerable group.  What is the nature of the inability or difficulty to function? What is the scope of this problem? (15 marks)
  2. Negative impact on health? (15 marks)

       3. References are cited, represent current research ( within 5 years),APA format for references    (5 marks)


My topic: families with mentally ill members

I answered some questions, but you need to edit it, because I copy from somewhere. If I got wrong, please correct it. Each answer needs citation and reference, APA format for references, and answer the other question, (What is the scope of this problem?)

The second question is 15 marks, so please write at least 2 paragraphs.

  1. 1.       Description of the families with mentally ill members (vulnerable group):

Families with mentally ill members are quite a unique vulnerable sector. According to Canadian Mental Health Association, Families with mentally ill members can be very stressful for both family and ill person. For instance, A psychiatric disorder person often needs much love, help and support, but during you ill periods, the ill person may demand any support or help.  the problems, fears and behavior of your ill relative may strain your patience and your ability to cope. Whether the ill person is anyone of family member, you will be affected by their illness too. Therefore, families with mentally ill members should explore their community, instead of focusing on what the ill person should not be.


What is the nature of the inability or difficulty to function?

During caring mentally ill members periods, it is difficult for the family member to manage their own lives. Specially, the burdens of caring for an ill person at home are considerable. They often affect the family member relative`s social and leisure activities, because the caregiver (family member) often needs to juggle with so many things, such as work, home, spouse, and kids. These too many workloads make them feeling exhausted, and they are reluctant to visit friends or even go out to a movie.

NEED THIS SENTENCE IN THIS paragraph : inability to cope and meet the role expectations




What is the scope of this problem?





  1. 2.       Negative impact on health?

The stress of caring for someone with a serious mental illness can be overwhelming。 Having mentally ill relatives, the scopes of the problems for the families with mentally ill member often includes financial difficulties, physical strains and psychological burdens.

 Physical:  for example: fatigue.

Psychological: Such as anxiety, stress, shame, self-blame, depression, fear and anger


 family members are at-risk of poor health themselves

Families with Mentally Ill MembersName:Institution:Description of the families with mentally ill members (vulnerable group):Mental illness is a condition in which psychological state of a person is affected; emotionally or behaviorally. Families with mentally ill members are usually very stressful since they have to be taking care of their mentally ill members alongside other daily chores. The ill person will also be stressed because he or she is incapable of caring for himself or herself. Many things such as the need for financial support bring about this stress. Taking care of the mentally ill persons requires sufficient funds that will help in the management of their conditions. Mentally ill persons limit their caregivers in various aspects. They make them have little time for leisure and other activities such as tendering their kids, spouses, and work. Psychiatric patients can bring nuisance and threats to the family. This may strain the caregiver and most of them lose patience from stress ((Videbeck, 2011).A mentally ill person needs love, help, and support, which might affect the family in one way or another since others are very demanding. Family members should also seek spiritual support to keep on moving or taking care of their ill members and also accept them since most of the members are usually stigmatized by their loved ones.What is the nature of the inability or difficulty to function?The double task of taking care of the ill ...

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