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What is the most important thing you have learned about play during the course?

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TED talk Assignment: #4 TED & MS 2013


The Instructions are on the Assignment.


Children, Play and Creativity

Final Assignment


This final assignment will give you the opportunity to reflect on play and the power of play, as well as on your personal learning throughout the course.

Part A:

  • On the Internet, go to TED.com.  In the “Search” window, type Stuart Brown.  When the listings come up, click on the first one: “Stuart Brown says play is more than just fun...:


  • Watch Stuart Brown’s TED talk on Play (it’s 26 minutes long) (By the way, when he talks about the JPL, he is talking about the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, located in southern California)


  • As you watch, make some jot notes and try to really think about what he is saying.  Can you see the parallels between what he is saying and what we have been talking about in the course?


  • Answer the following questions:


    Do you believe that human beings are designed to play throughout our whole lifetimes? 

   If so, how can we recapture the joy and exuberance that Stuart Brown talks about?  Give 3 suggestions.


   Stuart Brown believes that play is a separate biological entity, like sleep and dreams.  Comment on whether or not you agree with him and how you have come to hold your view.


Part B:

Take a few minutes to review your readings and your notes from the class and to collect your thoughts on this important topic and your response to it.

Answer the following questions:

   What do you know now about play that you did not know before you started this course? OR What is the most important thing you have learned about play during the course?


   How has your thinking about play changed since you started the course?


   As a teacher of young children, you have the power to be an important agent of change for parents and children when it comes to play.  How will you share your own discoveries about play with them?


   Identify 3 ways you can incorporate what you have learned about play into your personal life.


   When it comes to play, we have only just begun...what do you want to learn more about?



Use the questions and answer format for this assignment.  For this final assignment, it is the quality of your responses that counts.  Your abilities to reflect, share your thoughts and dig a little deeper are important.

This assignment is worth 10% of your final mark





Children, Play and Creativity

Final Assignment Marking Sheet


Name: ________________________________________

Part A:


    Play throughout our lifetime/3 suggestions:                                      /4



    Is play a separate biological entity?                                                  /3



Part B:

    What you know now/most important thing you’ve learned:                /2



    How thinking has changed:                                                    /2



    Being an agent of change:                                                               /2



    3 ways to incorporate play into your life:                                           /3



    What you want to learn more about:                                                 /1

Format: followed requirements of the assignment

** This includes following APA requirements, including a title page,

References page, standard English etc.                                                          /3                                                                                        

Grammar/Spelling: (1/2 mark will be deducted for each error)

Play is method for children to communicate, encourages each other, and builds up their fine and gross motor skills. It also allows children to feel happy and good about what they are doing and themselves. Children feel free when they are playing and less worry about anything else around them. Additionally children are active when they are playing and they discover and figure out how to communicate and cooperate with each other. In play, children engage in learning activities and connect with the people and things surrounding them. Furthermore play provides cognitive development both gross and fine motor skills. They become problem solvers, thinkers and learn new things from playing and interacting with others. Last Play provides children pleasant chances to explore things and the world around them....

TED TALK ASSIGNMENTName:Institution:Date:a)Are human beings designed to play throughout their whole lifetime?According to Stuart Brown, human beings are designed to play throughout their entire lives. He says that a play-deprived brain does not develop and that lack of play causes depression. Children are naturally creative even before they start attending school. Creativity however cannot be taught, what should be done is to let it flourish.The best way is through allowing your children enough time for play. The world`ssupreme innovators are those who have retained their childhood creativity and built on it all the way to maturity. For instance, Albert Einstein hated going to school, he therefore referred to all his accomplishment in the mathematics and physics world as ‘a combinatorial play`. Researchers have come up with evidence that people get more creative when imparted by the spirit of play. It is also evident in many companies that when employees are engaged in a serious task and infuse some elements of play in it, tremendous...

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