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.What is the difference between immigrants and refugees and what are the moral responsibilities that the state has to either group

This paper concentrates on the primary theme of .What is the difference between immigrants and refugees and what are the moral responsibilities that the state has to either group in which you have to explain and evaluate its intricate aspects in detail. In addition to this, this paper has been reviewed and purchased by most of the students hence; it has been rated 4.8 points on the scale of 5 points. Besides, the price of this paper starts from £ 40. For more details and full access to the paper, please refer to the site.

Moral Obligations in a Globalized World - The Virtue of Tolerance

Very important 3rd year UNiversity student advanced level of writing with Titlepage, name on every page , page number ,everything high level please ..... Please write about 1500 words on any ONE of the following topics 1.What is the difference between immigrants and refugees and what are the moral responsibilities that the state has to either group? 2.Without going into the legal aspects of it, what do you think of the morality of Australia`s current policy towards refugees? You should make reference to Michael Walzer`s arguments on this issue. 3.Give a brief account, in your own words, of how Joseph Carens argues in favour of open borders? Do you agree? 4.What do you understand by “state sovereignty”? Do you think that this right has moral importance in a globalised world? 5.Do you think that there is a role for morality in International Relations? How would a “realist” answer this question? 6.In your own words explain how Thomas Hobbes`s political philosophy supports realism in international relations. 7.In your own words explain the moral principles that Kant puts forward as necessary for governing the relations between states so as to secure lasting peace between them. 8.How does Kant argue that moral principles must be adhered to in order to secure lasting peace in the world? Which moral principles is he referring to? 9.What is the meaning of, and the distinction between, Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello? State and explain the principles that fall under both headings. 10.What is “humanitarian intervention”, and can it be morally justified? 11.State and explain John Rawls`s concept of “The Law of Peoples”. How can this concept be justified morally? 12.Would a world without national borders be a morally ideal world? 13.How can a globalised world be considered a community? 14.What moral obligations do we have to be tolerant of the practices of other people when those practices seem to us to be immoral? 15.Is it morally valid to apply feminist values to the cultural and political practices of foreign cultures? The length of the essay is to be 1500 words. Formatting should follow the "Guide to Assignment Writing and Referencing" available on this website. The Oxford system of citation is preferred in philosophy, but the Harvard form is also acceptable provided that page numbers are included. References to Web sources are acceptable provided dates of when you accessed them are included. No references to Wikipedia will be accepted. There is no set number of references that should be included but you must demonstrate that you have read the textbook and any relevant readings provided for this unit. All essays will be scanned to detect plagiarism and any essay that contains too much material not written by the student will fail (so use quotations sparingly). Best of luck with it.
Moral Obligations in a Globalized World – The Virtue of ToleranceCustomer Inserts Name HereCustomer Inserts Course Name HereCustomer Inserts Instructor`s Name HereCustomer Inserts Date HereWhat moral obligations do we have to be tolerant of the practices of other people when those practices seem to us to be immoral?Tolerance is a virtue that the human civilization seems to have lost in the midst of adjusting to the impact of globalization. The increased use of social media and the immediate sharing of opinions on the social media sites is one of the proofs of increased intolerance of other cultures and norms among people. Blog posts and twitter updates give us an unnerving view of what people think about a variety of issues, ranging from world politics to their neighbour`s new hair colour, and most of them are complains or sarcastic takes.This chaotic tumble of intolerant opinions has arisen due to the spread of a single westernized global culture which has also led to globalization being referred to as westernization. The rise of a single-minded global culture that only talks about rights of individuals - the basic bill of rights, that focuses on freedom of expression, life and speech, seems to be the only mantra that people all over the world resort to.Democracy is taken to be the single panacea that will heal all wounds, and address all vices of the complex world and its plethora of cultures, traditions and nationalities. Everyone looks to democracy as the only solution for all their problems, while none take into account how democracy only works for certain kinds of cultures, for certain kinds of nations, and that a ‘cookie cutter` approach, as given by Joseph Stiglitz eally doesn`t work. This is evident in the case of aid given to African nations, where aid is the cookie-cutter that cuts all problems down to having the same solution – money. But as Dambisa Moyo has indicated, this approach does not work.[J.Stiglitz,Challenging the Washington Consensus, L. Schoenfelder, Interviewer, May 7 2002. ‘Women and The Arab Spring`, in Voice of America , November 12 2011, viewed on 26 September 2012, <>.] [D. Moyo, Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and how There is Another Way for Africa, Penguin Books, 2011.] The havoc that this approach creates is there for us to see in terms of the Arab Spring. People were shaking off tyranny and trying to revolutionize the country along the lines of the Western ideal. The women also took part in the revolution, thinking that they were liberating themselves of the oppression that they faced at the hands of dictators who thought little of women`s rights. The women who took to the streets were aware, due to globalization and the awareness in the media of the kind of life women lived in the western world, and wanting the same for themselves helped the men revolt. But these ideals could not be achie...

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