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What governments at different levels are planning to do?

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Addressing public concerns on the issue of gun control

Fueled by recent events surrounding the Dawson College shooting in Montreal, much discussion has been occurring in political circles about gun legislation in Canada. Your assignment is to discuss what role each level of Government and the judiciary plays in addressing public concerns on the issue of gun control. Some items to consider discussing (These are suggestions and not requirements): •What governments at different levels are planning to do •What government has constitutional authority over gun control •What governments are suggesting other government levels do and why •What has been done in the past and by what level of government •What impact one level of government might have on another level under a proposed action/ solution •What will be the impact on the police ( at what level of government – Federal, Provincial , municipal) •What might be the impact on the bureaucracy / stakeholders (i.e. shutting down the gun registry) •What governments are lobbying other governments to do, why •What impact will actions/inaction have on legitimacy of government In your paper you should argue towards a particular point that you want to make, e.g. The federal government is not living up to it`s responsibility in protecting citizens! It is appropriate to choose one issue and explore it in detail or cover a few issues in a bit less detail to make your point. Don\`t try and do too much within the framework allowed. Be concise and specific rather then broad, general and non committal. Remember: DEFEND YOUR FACTS, RESEARCH AND FINDINGS WITH PROPER SOURCES. Style •1200 words max, excluding footnotes, endnotes. (In-text references are part of the word count.) (5% deducted for every 100 words over.) Hint: Use MS Word>Tools>Word Count •Do not use paragraph headings. Only one main title should appear on the paper. Your title should reflect your thesis. •Clear introduction, body and conclusion •Subtitles are not permitted. •APA style bibliography required 20% (see APA Handbook for examples at: APA Formatting and Style Guide) •Bibliographical references are critical. When in doubt always cite the source. Use the APA style of referencing, not footnotes. •Papers submitted with any other style of reference will be returned upgraded and student will be subject to the rewrite policies as outlined in the student orientation guide. Please use mostly canadian content and references.
Addressing public concerns on the issue of gun controlStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Levels of government, the judiciary and their roles on the subject of gun control Gun related mortality in Canada is a crucial public problem, and Gun Control remains a significant concern for a vast majority of people in Canada. More than 700 Canadians are killed each year by the misuse of firearms, and a considerable large number of Canadians are injured due to misuse of firearms (Brown, 2012). In Canada, firearm related mortality is not just an urban problem. Gun ownership is highest in more rural territories and provinces, and not surprisingly enough, the highest death rates and non-fatal injury from guns occur in jurisdictions that have the highest ownership rates. The 2006 school shooting at Dawson College in Montreal where fourteen women were massacred, illustrates the magnitude of gun related deaths that could be prevented with tougher gun laws (MacCharles, 2012). In this paper, the roles played by each level of government and the judiciary in addressing public concerns on the subject of gun control are discussed. The paper also discusses how the Canadian federal government falls short in its responsibility of protecting its citizens from death and non-fatal injuries related to firearm misuse. Stenning (2003) pointed out that the federal government is chiefly responsible for both guns and guns control in Canada. In addressing public concerns over the issue of gun control, legislations have put in place in all the levels of government including federal, provincial and municipal in order to control ownership and usage of firearms, and thus, reduce mortality rates associated with firearm misuse. The legislation that covers guns and gun control consists primarily of the Firearms Act and its related regulations, and Part II of the Criminal Code of Canada and associated regulations. The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP), which is a part of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is accountable for the administration of the Firearms Act, and this Act covers transportation, storage, possession and use of firearms in Canada (Cosh, 2012). Additional regulations such as the Hunting regulations, also apply at the provincial and municipal levels of government. The Firearms Act legislation categorizes various guns as non-restricted, restricted and prohibited firearms. Before acquiring, possessing, registering a gun, and obtaining ammunition for it, the legislation demands one to have a license that should be kept current. The different sorts of licenses are Possession and Acquisition License (PAL), Possession Only License (POL), Minors License, License for Non-residents 18 years and older,...

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