Jul 23, 2017

What does it mean to be rock ribbed?

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What does it mean to be rock ribbed?


definition essay on what it means to be rock ribbed. how it relates to being motivated to be the best that you can. popular examples using Ben carson and oprah whinfrey.


Your title should be short and indicate clearly the topic and your focus on the topic.  Make the title captivating to your readers.

As in other essay patterns, the thesis statement will give your reader a clue about your main point. In your thesis statement, you should define the term from your own angle. In other words, you shouldn’t confine yourself to a dictionary or etymological definition of the term. Importantly, your thesis statement should highlight the differentia, i.e. particular attributes that your term possesses.

e.g. Investigative reporting is the spearhead of journalism. In its mainstream manifestations, it involves probing into the mechanics of the underground world and offering the public a balanced perspective, based on reliable sources of information.

Your thesis should be included early in the essay, preferably at the end of the introduction. 

This is where most of your points come from. 


 Open your essay with a few sentences that will grab your reader’s attention (see EFFECTIVE OPENINGS).

Here, you might want to point out the significance of the term that you have chosen to define. Alternatively, you might briefly mention some common definitions which you perceive as inaccurate. Then, without any delay, you’d better come up with your thesis statement.


Main body

Writing an extended, essay-length definition of a term often involves using elements of other patterns of organization. You can resort to:


If you are defining the term “investigative reporting”, for instance, you can exemplify one of your points by giving an account of an investigation conducted by a famous reporter.


  • classification and division

By saying what class an object belongs to, you are, in a sense, defining it. For instance, if you are defining the term “pneumonia”, you will define it as a “disease”. In other words, you will attribute to it a belonging to a certain category. Then you might want to say which sub-class of diseases it is part of. This will differentiate “pneumonia” from other diseases, and thus define the term.

  • comparison and contrast

You can outline the characteristic of a tem by comparing or contrasting it to other terms. For example, you can define the term “love” by contrasting/comparing it with the term “affection.”


A few techniques are peculiar to definition:

  • You can define a term by using synonyms or analogy
  • You can approach the definition of a term by using negation (telling your readers what it is not)
  • You can define a term by using enumeration (listing its characteristics)
  • You can define a term by discussing its different applications or usages.



Here you can reiterate the validity of your definition of the term. You could also conclude by using the “full-circle technique or by telling your readers about possible connections between your term and other terms. Think of an effective closing sentence that will round off the whole text.


Make sure that

  • you have used appropriate transition words and key words to give the reader a sense of flow and coherence.
  • the topic sentence of each paragraph indicates clearly what particular cause or effect will be covered in that paragraph.  Thus it should connect the specific paragraph with the overall purpose and your thesis.
Literature and Language:Name:Course:Professor:Date Due: Definition of Rock-Ribbed and Its ApplicationIntroductionBeing rock-ribbed is an adjective that has been used over and over again and can have multiple meanings. First and foremost, the adjective can be taken with its literal meaning to mean a rocky coast or a cliff that is full of rocks. You can use it when illustrating or trying to tell more about the cliff; that it is, rocky. On the other hand, ‘rock-ribbed’ as an adjective is used to show resilience that an individual has towards their own personal beliefs or interests. When one is pressing on to do something that other people may find a bit difficult to do, then that person can be said to be rock-ribbed. Therefore, the significance of this thesis is to bring out the correct and various applications of the word, ‘rock-ribbed’ and place them it in some contexts. Significance of the Term, Rock-RibbedThis terminology is quite significant especially when properly used. This is because many people have used it before under different circumstances to express different things. It is very good therefore to go deeper in its definition so that one is able to enrich its use and find additional ways in which it can be used. The term is therefore used as an adjective. That is, a descriptive word which tells you more about a noun. Alternatively, you can also use it to describe the attitude and feelings of the noun that you are describing. For instance, you could have been working on a very tough paper but you had to keep on going. You could have been forced by circumstances to work very hard for the paper since it was a huge determinant in your life. This way, you can describe yourself as being ‘rock-ribbed’, meaning that you were unyielding despite the circumstances.Possible Applications in ContextsIt is possible to get a good example from the case of Ben Carson, a ve...

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