Jul 24, 2017

what does being a good parent mean to you?

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Good and Ideal Parent


In terms of children aged 0-12 what does being a good parent mean to you?Things to consider what the following authors says about good parenting: 1.Vygotsky 2.Piaget 3.Erikson 4.Growth mindset 5.Baumrinds parenting styles Select three authors out of this five to support the idea of what does being a good parents mean to you? As a good parents how would you protect or secure your child safety, child health or how would you develop a good infant attachment relationship to your child site as an example and situation about good parenting please and thank you.

Good and Ideal ParentName:Institution:Good and Ideal ParentGood and ideal parents may be mainly defined by their ability to offer good parenting to their children. Parenting may involve a specific level of discretion, where no standard rule is set for all children because they may need different ranges of expression of love, attention and toughness. Most parents are normally worried about the way they can help their toddlers in developing socially, mentally, as well as emotionally (McLeod, 2007). It is very crucial to understand children and their abilities. Good parents are always concerned about their children’s development in various areas. The review of work from several theorists on childhood development will be helpful in supporting the personal idea of what it means to be a good parent. Good parenting would have a personal meaning of raising a child in a reasonable level of love, care as well as perfect guidance, as explained through various theories. One of the renowned theorists on childhood development, Piaget thought of cognitive development of a child as based on four types of operations. He mentions these as accommodation and assimilation, conservation as well as reversibility, putting in that the first two relate closely. It is agreeable that as toddlers begin to take note of fresh information regarding the environment; it gets assimilated into their thinking which is termed as schemata, while the behavior and thinking are accommodated or altered so that they can reflect new perceptions. Conservations involve the ability of children to recognize the diversity between reality and appearance. Piaget also states that toddlers normally develop mentally, psychologically and emotionally according to the way their physical bodies allow them. It is compared by the inability of a young baby to walk until it has developed well physically, the same way does the brain fail to reason until it has physically developed to the specific stage of reasoning. In addition, he stated that the children pass through four stages which are related by age and qualitatively different. The first stage is known as sensorimotor that is from the point of birth to two years. The infants at this level are capable of constructing and beginning to understand the environment around them. The preoperational stage bears the ages of two to seven years, which allows children to begin representing the world with actions and words. The concrete operational stage placed on the third level, takes place between the seven and eleven years. Here, the child is capable of making logical reasoning concerning concrete events. Therefore, this stage allows children to think about actual events. The formal operational stage is the fourth and ranges from eleven years through the adulthood, where the child is capable of reasoning in abstract manners. For instance, they have the ability to think about the way it would be to hover in space. On the other hand, Vygotsky argues that chil...

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