Jul 24, 2017

What do your results tell you about your individual thinking style or your thought process range?

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Reasoning Aptitude. How might persuasive communication help you in your career?


Complete the Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude. Write a paper of no more than 350 words discussing the results of your Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude. • What do your results tell you about your individual thinking style or your thought process range? • How might your thinking style influence your approach to arguments? • How might persuasive communication help you in your career? Submit a copy of your Career Plan. Applying Expertise Applies specialist and detailed technical expertise; uses technology to achieve work objectives; develops job knowledge and expertise (theoretical and practical) through continual professional development; demonstrates an understanding of different organisational departments and functions. Taking Initiative Takes responsibility for actions, projects and people; takes initiative and works under own direction; initiates and generates activity and introduces changes into the work process; makes quick and clear decisions which may include tough choices or considered risks Researching Rapidly learns new tasks and commits information to memory quickly; demonstrates an immediate understanding of newly presented information; gathers comprehensive information to support decision making; encourages an organizational learning approach (i.e. learns from successes and failures and seeks staff and customer feedback). Strategizing Works strategically to realize organizational goals; sets and develops strategies; identifies and develops positive and compelling visions of the organization`s future potential; takes account of a wide range of issues across, and related to, the organization. Presenting Speaks fluently; expresses opinions, information and key points of an argument clearly; makes presentations and undertakes public speaking with skill and confidence; responds quickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback; projects credibility. Logical Thinking Analyzes numerical data and all other sources of information, to break them into component parts, patterns and relationships; probes for further information or greater understanding of a problem; makes rational judgments from the available information and analysis; demonstrates an understanding of how one issue may be a part of a much larger system. Focused Your profile shows you could work well in careers where success comes from applying practical skills and where thinking is used mostly to solve practical problems. You are likely to be attracted to very practical jobs and careers.

Reasoning AptitudeName:Institution:With reference to the career building activity results, there are several aspects that are crucial to the understanding of the reasoning aptitude. It comes out clearly that I apply technical expertise in all the functions of the job at hand; as such I have the ability to apply my technical knowhow with reference to the technological skills to bring to fruition any of the work related objects while at the same time making sure that there is an element of professional development continuity (Bossman, n.d). This way I can develop an in-depth understanding of the functions in the different departments. This means that, my thinking style is oriented in the direction of practice solution development while at the same time remaining very open...

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