Jul 23, 2017

What dangers do you see dangers in knowing our personal genome?

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Mutations (bio 102 wk 4 case)


In the Module 4 Case assignment you will have the opportunity to explore the new era of personalized medicine that uses genetic mapping to determine medical treatment. Watch the NOVA video: Cracking Your Genetic Code to learn more about the genetic technology available to us and what it means for medicine, ethics, and the future of human society.

After watching this video, proceed to the following resource and address the topics below in a  2-3 page paper http://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/genetic-mutation-1127

  1. Explain what a genetic mutation is and the difference between inherited mutations versus point mutations.
  2. Describe how the technology explained in "Cracking Your Genetic Code" can be used to detect mutations and predict your health.
  3. Form an opinion on whether or not you support utilizing genetic mapping to develop personalized medical treatment.  Find evidence to support your opinion and cite your sources.  What dangers do you see dangers in knowing our personal genome?

Assignment Expectations

This paper should be approximately 2-3 pages long and reflect the information contained in the resources provided above.  When summarizing the information you read from the Nature website, NOVA video, or any resources you use to support your opinions, be sure to synthesize the information into your own words, and cite the references.   Please use complete sentences and write your paper in essay format using subheadings to organize the required topics.

MutationsName:Institution: Introduction Every living organisms is unique in it own way. This means that, other than the fact that one organism may look like the other in certain physical or physiological characteristics; they are not similar at several levels. One of the factors that identifies specifically with individual organism is their genetic coding. The genetic code defines the instructions set that led to the formation of the organism in question (Salahi & Ahuja, 2010). Sometimes these instructions may be flawed in a process called mutation causing certain attributes of the organs to be distorted.Genetic mutations Every genetic coding is determined by the sequence, where the genetic sequence of the organism experiences changes, there are mutations. There are a number of causes that can lead to the changes resulting to the mutations and the so are the variations of the consequences (Darnell & Lodish, 2014). Types of mutation Point mutations are the smallest mutations that can take pla...

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