Jul 23, 2017

What are the most valuable things learned in Women in Literature class this semester?

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Valuable Things Learned in Women in Literature class


What are the most valuable things learned in Women in Literature class this semester? What insights were new to you? List of assignments attached.

Women and LiteratureName:Institution: Introduction Well into the twenty first century, women all over the world are still fighting for their rights; fighting to have the same kind of recognition as their male counterparts have. Centuries now have passed and the women in the society are still seen as the inferior of the human species. As such, they are not given as much privileges as the males. Starting from the 19th century and well into the 21st century, women have been having some form of progress in their conquest to make amends on societal norms that have for ages intimidated them. Before this period, most of the women were commissioned to be married and they would rarely hold any administrative position. Those who were lucky to be at the same level as the men, had to have come from very influential families in the land, while very few came from the lower ranks of the society and made it to the administrative positions. For the majority staying at home, looking after the children and the wealthy of their men was their ultimate duty. Literature is one of the platforms that the women in the society have used to raise to their current status. Through literature the few women that have been brave to champion for the rights of the masses, have taken a stand and let the rest of their kind to rise to the challenge (Couillard, 2014). As more women read the material, they are empowered and recognize they too can be activists in the fight for equality. This paper brings to light some of the most fundamental writers in history, who have produced very influential material to help the women across the globe realize the power within their reach to change their current satiation. Some of the other material relates to the aspect of women roles and the way society views them. For women to change what befalls them, they have to change how they act and how they view themselves.Related Material on Feminism and Prejudice One of the poems that have had quite an impact starting from the 19th century to date is The Angel in the House by Coventry Patmore, and English poet. He wrote this poem to the women and the men in the society at the time, to show how his wife was the most fitting example of a woman. According to the prom, the woman in the marriage should be respectful, submissive and devoted to her husband. Coventry Patmore, felt that his wife was the perfect Victorian wife, given that she was graceful, charming, passive, sympathetic, meek, pure self sacrificing, powerless and pious. From the first line of the poem, it states how man should be pleased, with the woman giving it her all to make sure that her husband is satisfied. Towards the end of the poem there is also the reference to a woman’s love having endless flow and ever growing bigger than her. This is an indication of the way the society viewed the women in the society’s middle class during the time the poem was published. However there was some more incite from Queen Victoria during the n...

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