Jul 27, 2017

What are some areas of practical application of Anthropology?

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Anthropology Makes a Difference


Cultural Anthropology: Anthropology Makes a Difference Part A - Should be a minimum of 200 words in length. Critical Thinking question: What are some areas of practical application of Anthropology? How will you use what you have learned? What was the most interesting thing that you have learned in this course? Notes: This is the last big essay for this course. Please make sure it is good. Remember, I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother. Please make sure when answering this question you keep that in mind. Don’t write about how I would use this knowledge in my career. Refer to using my knowledge in dealing with others in general and the people close to me. Such as keeping a much more open mind as to why others may view and think the way they do. It could be their culture or history that plays a part in their decisions, etc… Part B - Should be a minimum of 100 words in length. Your Thoughts: Write about your thoughts regarding this week’s chapter – Chapter 14- and the website for this week. Website: The Society for Applied Anthropology - http://www.sfaa.net/ (The book: Culture Counts A concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 2nd edition) If you “Google” the book and bring it up in Amazon, you can see inside the book to get information you may need.

Assessment of the Applications of Cultural AnthropologyName:University:Course:Tutor:SECTION A.Practical Application of AnthropologyCultural Anthropology is the study of the human society. Explanations offered of the differences and similarities in social and cultural realms can hence be applied in everyday living. The beliefs held by individuals are based on their culture and norms. This shows that in relating with others in our learning institutions, shopping centres and even religious centres, it is important to consider these variables. Elements such as gender balance, class and symbolism, can be applicable when relating with others from a different culture asserts Crow (2013). This can be attained through the act of communicating clearly with proper symbolism and respecting the values held by other people. The presence of a wide range of contemporary cultures calls individuals to accommodate others by not being judgmental. This will lead to peace and unity amongst a diverse range of community settings.Use of Cultural AnthropologyThrough the ...

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