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Common Good: Volunteering


TOPIC: VOLUNTEERING AUDIENCE: high school/college kids Personalizing the Common Good Choose an issue that affects the common good with which you have substantial personal experience. In this essay, you will use your experience as well as research sources to persuade an uninformed, indifferent, or skeptical audience that the issue is a common good and that it Is thus in their interest to care about it. Remember: You must choose a subject with which you have direct experience that you can use as evidence. The effectiveness of this essay will depend on how successfully you 1) convey evidence from your experience using techniques common to personal essays and 2) blend that personal evidence with evidence from outside authorities. Your personal experience must be integrated with secondary research, documented in MLA style.

NameCourseInstructorDateCommon Good: VolunteeringPeople may have divergent views on what is common good, but to me this is doing things for the betterment of the society and imparting positive change. A community or society cannot exist with one person alone but rather many people. Thus, common good is a theme may even change relations among members of a society. Throughout my experiences I have come to believe in the common good, and I am capable to impact positive change in the society. My family has been involved in charity work and volunteering and it became natural for me to give a helping hand especially during Christmas times. Last year was one of the most amazing years, because I was involved directly with giving back to the community. Although family does help to prepare participation in various charity and volunteer work, but trust me nothing is better than active participation in such activities. Blood donation is a common good that has the potential to have a big impact to more people, many of whom we do not know personally. To achieve this mission I participated in a blood drive organized by my high school during the summer as a volunteer. One Monday morning the phone rang and after my father picked up the phone he began looking at me, and in the follow up conversation I learnt that I had been selected as one of volunteers organizing local blood drive to help victims of a horrific bus accident. This was a surprise call, and I had only given my family members little details of the event, but I was happy that now I would be in the fore front encouraging people to participate in more blood donation. Equally, this would provide me with an opportunity to understand the planning process that goes on in such activities.Even though, my main aim was to volunteer, being directly involved in a blood donation drive served both purposes of learning about blood donation and volunteering to help victims of the accident. Giving a helping hand goes a long way in helping people to deal with the trauma and health costs of accidents. The youth have a responsibility to bring change to their communities. Even though, my main focus is on helping children, engaging in any kind of volunteer work is enriching and builds the leadership skills necessary to tackle issues in the community for the betterment of the community and society in general. Where possible spending time with members of the community during volunteer work helps to build stronger relations, and a blood donation drive highlights on different ways through which one can volunteer. Upon reflecting on the day’s event’s it became increasingly clear that the role of blood donation in the society is important that people realize. As a young person I started to think about the youths who could not perform daily chores from being sickly and required blood donation. It is not every day that people get to have blood transfusion in the right time. Even family members could have incompat...

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