Jul 28, 2017

United Parcel Service (UPS) Ethical Issues

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United Parcel Service (UPS) Ethical Issues: ETH 301 Module 2 Slp

My Company of choice is UPS Module 2 - SLP Informational Privacy For the module 2 SLP assignment, you will again focus on the company you have chosen to study. For this module 2 SLP assignment we are going to find an issue at your company that you find interesting. You will be working on analyzing this issue for the next four (4) SLP assignments. Since you will be working on this issue for the next four (4) SLP assignments, you do not want the issue to be too small or simple. Of course, you also do not want the issue to be so large or complicated that you need more than a single course in business ethics to describe, analyze, and resolve the issue. Try to make the size and importance of the issue just right for our purposes. Once you have identified and explained the issue, identify one (1) business decision your company will make in regard to this issue. Once you`ve settled on an issue and business decision, you can ask your professor for some feedback before you get started on writing your paper. SLP Expectations For this module 2 SLP assignment, identify and explain the issue at your company that interests you and identify and explain one (1) business decision your company will make in regard to this issue. Describe the business decision. For this assignment, emphasize the business aspects of the decision. We will do our ethical analyses in the upcoming SLP assignments. Please address the SLP expectations in two to three pages, not including title page or reference page. General Expectations Your paper should be double-spaced with 12-point font. Your paper should have a separate cover page and a separate reference page in addition to the body of your paper. Use APA-style. Be sure to proofread your paper. Upload your paper to Coursenet by the end of the module. I would like write about UPS ( United Parcel Services) that my company of choice. Their ethical issuess
United Parcel ServiceName:Institution: Founded by James Casey back in the year 1907, United Parcel Services of America is today one of the leading delivery company at the global scale. Its head quarters are situated in the Greater Atlanta of the United States. With its global status the company delivers upwards of 10 million packages to its clientele base that stands at around 6 million worldwide. All of these packages are transported by trucks, bicycles, trains, planes and ship. More that 90% of the fleet that the company uses is run on carbon fuels. This has in return put the company on the spot for the carbon footprint that it leaves behind, as an environmental hazard. Given its wide reach to the world this is a print that spreads throughout the customer countries, thus affecting the whole world (CarbonNeutral, 2013).However, one of the strong points that come out clearly about the companies stand on the ethical issues is the fact that it places its customers on the fore front and works to make sure that they are satisfied. UPS also understands that majority of its means of transport are hazardous to the environment and has deliberately shown commitment towards the reduction of its carbon foot print in the world. The company takes great interest in a...

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