Jul 28, 2017

Types of exercise for given muscles

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Types of exercise for given muscles


for given muscle write the Antagonist, agonist, synergist, and 3 types of exercise you can do with each given muscle. like free weight, machine, etc. you have to list three types! it doesn`t have to be in an essay form. please do this assignment carefully it is worth a lot of points. Anterior muscle pectorals biceps quadriceps abdominal muscle posterior latissimus doris trapezius triceps glutes hamstring calf

Types of exercise for given musclesName:Course:Tutor:Date:In training, it is vital for one to be aware of the different contraction performed by muscles. Walking and squatting are movements that involve different muscles in order to move smoothly and effectively. To achieve this, they take up suitable type of contraction and have a role to play during contraction. There are different roles that muscles fulfill during movement and there are exercises that can help fulfill the roles. Agonist or the prime mover is the target muscle and are usually subject to a selection of an exercise. The antagonist muscles oppose the agonists while th...

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