Jul 26, 2017

Trends in Cadmium telluride thin- film technology

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Trends in Cadmium telluride thin- film technology


Written Assignment 4 Create the fourth essay, combine and integrate with the other three parts as a cohesive final project that reflects the mentor’s feedback. The focus on the fourth part of this project is to write a 4-5 page (350 words per page) paper in APA format describing the types of trends that have occurred or are occurring with the technology you selected by addressing two of the four specific topics below. You should also include as part of this paper any acknowledgements and resources used (e.g., websites, textbooks, articles). Each written assignment should include four or more references. Historical or previous trends Future direction and roadmap of technology Current PoC (Proof of Concepts) for alternative application of the technology Gaps in the current application of the technology, or opportunities to drive towards new market

Current Trends & Application Assignment 4NameCourseInstructorDate Trends in Cadmium telluride thin- film technology Although there has been great promise on the viability of thin-film technology, it is only in the 21st century that researchers in the PV technology have gained tremendous insights on how to reduce the cost of producing cheaper solar panels. There are various forms of the thin-film technology including the CdTe and CIGS and silicon technologies. Thus, the CdTe based solar panels are expected to play a more prominent role as a source of energy, and improved efficiency in the technology is likely to result to increase demand for the solar modules. Even though, there is a rich history in thin-film solar cells made of CdTe, the technological innovations have also become more relevant in the 21st century. At the movement they have efficiencies of 16% for cells and 10 % for solar modules, but there are further developments that will improve the efficiency of the technology (Goetzberger & Hoffmann, 2005). In the early development of CdTe solar cells researchers encountered problems that hampered progress in their research work, including unavailability of low resistance p- type contacts and difficulty in doping them.Some of the earliest breakthrough innovations came about in the 1980’s, where there were numerous cases of deposition techniques that increased cell efficiency. One of the earliest technique was the Close -spaced sublimation (CSS), and this involved screen printing and spraying and this was mostly used by Kodak (Luque & Hegedus, 2011). Polycrystalline solar panels had more efficiency than the single crystalline counterpart. Another technique that was applicable among the early pioneers of CdTe solar cells is electrodeposition and was mostly utilized by Monsolar and AMTEK (Luque & Hegedus, 2011). One of the main advantages of using CdTe in thin-film technology is that it can easily handle the deposition processes. Similarly, in the manufacturing process the compound can be used on flexible materials easing the process of deposition (Goetzberger & Hoffmann, 2005). In the 1990’s, there were further developments in the CdTe technology where the manufacture of modules led to integration of better advanced technology. Since the modules required more current than small cells could provide, it became necessary to add the transports conducting oxide layer. Furthermore, researchers found it nec...

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