Topic: Writing Assignment Brief Overview of Confucian Belief

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Topic: Writing Assignment Brief Overview of Confucian Belief


Instruction: Confucianism (including Mencius, Neo-Confucianism, etc.), Taoism, Buddhism and Legalism are all major schools of thought that have left an indelible mark on Chinese society and culture. But the concepts from these schools of have relevance far beyond the parameters of "Traditional China". Your assignment is to consider each of these philosophies carefully, choose which of them philosophy most closely fits your own world view, and write a 1250 word essay about how and why it fits.
Your paper should include a summary of the philosophy you are writing about (for example, if you choose Confucianism, write a brief overview of Confucian belief). Then, using examples from your own life, write about how this philosophy most closely fits your own life. Also, be sure to use specific examples of how this fits your own life.
The paper must include proper citation (please use Chicago Manual of Style format) and a bibliography. You may use all of your class materials, and you must also use at least three outside sources, which must be printed, peer-reviewed sources. (You may access them from the internet, but they cannot be "Joe Blow`s Buddhism Page", or that sort of thing.



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Confucianism is the foundation of traditional Chinese culture as well as a full ideological system developed by Confucius, based on the customary culture of the Shang, Zhou, and Xia genealogies. Its influence over the history, social formation and the people of China cannot be disregarded since it has dominated a feudal civilization and has lasted for about two millenniums. Confucianism is the way of life spread by Confucius and was embraced by the Chinese people for a longer period. In spite of it changing over period, it is still regarded as the essence of learning, the source of values, and the social system of the Chinese. Furthermore, its influence has also expanded to other nations, especially Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. Confucianism may be valued as a broad way of thinking and living that involve respect for ancestor and a thoughtful humanistic spirituality[Weiming. “Confucianism.” Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016, 1] 

Confucius, a great educationist, thinker, and failed politician had a greatest influence over the Chinese character. Confucius pursued truth, gentleness, and flawlessness all thr


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