Topic: What Are These Authors Trying To Tell Us About Relationships?

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Topic: What Are These Authors Trying To Tell Us About Relationships?


Many of the stories in Sudden Fiction feature relationships between men and women as a central topic. We have at least 13 that we can consider:
The Stories: Popular Mechanics, Say Yes, Tent Worms, Dinner Time, The Anatomy of Desire, The Signing, The Fable, Can-Can, Pygmalion, No One`s a Mystery, Song on Royal Street, The Sock, A Very Short Story….

For this essay assignment you will want to read through each of these stories. It will probably be necessary to read them more than once. You will no doubt begin to see interesting similarities/differences between the stories; the stories may even begin to “speak” to each other. Your next step is to begin to ask yourself what kind of themes emerge in the stories; there is a wide variety of possible themes to consider, including: youth, age, intimacy, estrangement, communication, violence, boredom, sickness and health, power, children, lies, truth….and much more.


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Literature and Language

05 March 2017

What the Authors are Trying to Tell Us

A lot of the stories that are part of sudden fiction tell a story about the relationships of men and women. After a person reads the stories, it can be stated that they all tell the same message. 13 stories were read to prove that the authors are pertaining to the challenges in a relationship a couple may face that happens later on. In these stories, there are themes of estrangement, violence, despair, grief and others.

In the story entitled “Popular Mechanics”, there is conflict, separation, struggle and lack of communication between the couple. Early in the story, readers can already see the distance between them. The girlfriend or wife likes the idea of her husband leaving because the story begins with a male packing a suitcase. However, the reader will never know why they separated, but it is clear that the issue is unresolvable. On the surface of “Say Yes”, it is evident that the story is connected to racism, and it points out the opposition to an interracial marriage. Ann and her unnamed husband are both white. They have disagreements and nothing gets fixed, and they continue to fight for their relationship. The majority of the story questions if two people that come from different backgrounds can really lov


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