Topic: What Are The Effects Of Multiculturalism On Ones Identity?

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Topic: What Are The Effects Of Multiculturalism On Ones Identity?


Major Written Assignment: First Term 10%

Write an essay (combination of research and opinion) of 800 words on one of the following topics, using evidence from the stories and articles in the kit, and 2 other research sources (one book, one scholarly journal article). Use APA style in-text referencing for all sources (e.g. direct quotes, paraphrases, ideas, statistics) that you cite in your paper. Include all citations in a separate reference page at the back of your essay, also in APA style. You need a cover page as well.

  1. What are the effects of multiculturalism on one’s identity? That is, does being a “hyphenated Canadian” result in a lack of identity (a sense of not belonging to either your native culture
  1. Does Canada’s multiculturalism policy increase opportunities for minorities, or does it reinforce stereotypes about minorities and isolate them from real power in Canadian society? Argue with regard to Bissoondath`s arguments in "The Simplification of Culture."


This paper will be done through a writing process in class and out of class. You will write parts of your paper in class and report to me on your progress. Thesis statement should be approved by me initially.




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The Canadian society is ethnically as well as culturally diverse. Among the main policy deliberations to this effect is the policy of multiculturalism that was enacted in the 1970s. Multiculturalism has been recognized officially under the Canadian law but it remains to be a controversial and widely debated concerns. Multiculturalism and its impact on the identity of a “hyphenated Canadian,” as well as the effect regarding the opportunities for minorities shall be discussed in the essay.

Response to Question 1

The policy Multiculturalism was developed to ensure that the Canadian nationals can embrace their identity and enjoy a sense of belonging. Acceptance accords Canadians a sense of self-confidence and security thus making th


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