Topic: Vulnerable Is Hispanic And Identified Community Health Problem To Tuberculosis

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Topic: Vulnerable Is Hispanic And Identified Community Health Problem To Tuberculosis


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population to Hispanic and identified community health problem to Tuberculosis.
1. Introduction (brief description of the community including the city name and state and key features)
Briefly introduce one vulnerable population
Discuss the purpose of the paper; it should relate to assessing the vulnerable population.
2. Vulnerable population overwiev (1 to 2 paragraphs): describe the group in great detail; discuss events and trends that have affected this vulnerable group such as economic conditions, trends in health behaviors or disease rates.
3. Strengths, risk factors, and/or barriers (two to three paragraphs): discuss them and the impact they have on this population`s health.
Include at least one scholarly journal article
4. Community resources (1 to 2 paragraphs): search local public health department website for health resources available; briefly describe and discuss them; are they adequate
5.Community health problem diagnosis (1 to 2 paragraphs): based on Healthy People 2020 objectives, identify and discuss one priority community health problem that a community nurse could positively impact, such as HIV.
6. Summary: important points from the body, include a statement about the priority problem
7. Reference page


Vulnerable population assessment
Vulnerable is Hispanic and identified community health problem to tuberculosis
The Hispanic community in Stamford, Connecticut has grown over time, and this is particularly for the immigrant population. Even though, Stamford, Connecticut is an affluent area, the Hispanic community is a vulnerable group that finds difficulty to access quality health care services. Among the Latino population in the area, there is higher rates of tuberculosis (TB) in Stamford compared to other cities in the state. In this vulnerable population assessment the vulnerable population is the Hispanic community and identified community health problem is Tuberculosis. The disease is mainly found in the tropics, and among immigrant Hispanic communities, there is a higher risk of tuberculosis compared to the general population. The paper delves into the case of tuberculosis among Hispanics who are less likely to obtain quality care services to address the disease and their wellbeing Vulnerable population overview
When compared to other groups the recent Hispanic/ Latino populations have higher burden of tuberculosis in the US. Even as rates of TB have fallen in the last two decades the risk of multi resistant TB cases poses a serious threat to the health of those affected. TB is a bacterial airborne disease that mainly attacks the lungs. As


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