Topic: Theme of Revenge in Medea Research Assignment Paper

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Topic: Theme of Revenge in Medea Research Assignment Paper


Theme for this essay: Focus on the role of men and women as portrayed in Medea. 
Beginning Paragraph- Introduction and Thesis. Thesis should transition smoothly into the body Paragraphs.
Half of the essay should focus on analyzing the theme and the other half should focus comparing and contrasting the theme with current day examples. 
Essay must have at least 2 direct quotations from the play Medea, but should be quotations that serve a purpose and are relevant to the theme, should not be used to cover space. Other than quotations from the play, the essay should have 3 outside sources to support the essay.


Student`s Name Professor`s Name Course Date Theme of Revenge in Medea Introduction The Medea play depicts the theme of revenge as its main theme with love as the contributory factor. The play points out how terribly Medea plots her plan of retaliation. From the killing of the new bride and the bride`s father her vengeance commenced, and with the murdering of her two children and by leaving her husband impoverished, she succeeded in her effort of revenge. Her revenge is excessive and wicked in the sense that she has strong longing to withdraw at Jason for what he has done to her (Euripides` Medea). From the commencement of the play, Medea`s desire of taking revenge is noticed. Medea, a daughter of king Aeetes of Colchis had forfeited everything for Jason. Medea`s search for vengeance start after her husband, Jason, abscond her to get authority and status by marrying the daughter of the king Creon. Thus, Medea is irritated by this and is planning to search for revenge on him because she killed her father and brother for the love of Jason. Her hatred for Jason became so severe that it seems to her she will go to any extent to harm him. Furthermore, it appear possible to her to sacrifice even her children since she already sacrificed herself and had nothing left to risk apart from her children. She is excessively determined to revenge in the sense that she plans to wipe out all products of her and Jason`s union. The children innocence is no resistance against the enrage...

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