Topic: The Construction Project In Southern California Reflection

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Topic: The Construction Project In Southern California Reflection


It should provide a narrative account of your first four weeks. This narrative should be written such that a person who knows NOTHING about you or your project could follow the story. It should include the most significant moments of these four weeks, culminating in the Quarter Review.
2) It should provide a degree of reflection about the events of the first quarter. Please review the articles on Metacognition and take the time to really reflect on what you have done so far. Number one above is more the denotative aspect of this assignment; this is the connotative part.
A few tips:
1) You don’t have to include every last thing you did. Part of the challenge of writing your book will be identifying what to keep in and what to cut out. So there is an exercise here in assigning hierarchy – what are the most important things that happened to you in the first four weeks?
2) One thing to remember is that, in the end, your design process is NOT linear. You will revisit ideas. You will drop ideas. You will then revisit dropped ideas. Your focus will change. Your focus will change back. It will be a non-linear mess that can be very tricky to communicate to a reader who knows nothing about your project. So to that end – you may find you need to make some minor “adjustments” to the narrative flow, so even though it was non-linear for you, it reads as linear to someone looking at your ideas for the first time.
3) Please do write this as an essay, not as a list of things you did the first quarter of the semester. The idea is that this is a series of ideas that naturally flow into and build on each other.
the project is how to improve construction methods in southern california regarding seismic and fire, using new materials such as RASTRA. talk about the struggle of find parameters and criteria to judge the success of those materials, the struggle of outline how to test the hypothesis. things of that nature. you must be reflective in the writing.


Reflection Paper on Project

The construction project in Southern California sought to improve building construction targeting seismic resistance and fires. To fully understand the design and construction process I had to familiarize myself with the materials being used and how this affected sustainability. The activities were predetermined and using previous guidelines on building and construction the project team had to consider the best way to enhance resilience. Using new materials like RASTRA was considered as the lightweight material is strong


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